Xiaomi Bluetooth turns on automatically [Resolved]

Xiaomi Bluetooth turns on automatically

It seems you’re encountering this issue where Xiaomi Bluetooth turns on automatically. Sometimes, Bluetooth even turns off by itself. It can be annoying and also drain your Xiaomi battery as a result of Bluetooth staying on without you knowing.

Don’t worry, the fix is here.

Xiaomi Bluetooth turns on automatically

Xiaomi Bluetooth turns on automatically

Below are the reasons Xiaomi Bluetooth turns on automatically and how to fix:

1. Bluetooth scanning is on

Your Xiaomi Bluetooth turns on automatically because your Bluetooth scanning setting is turned on. Bluetooth scanning feature on MIUI allows apps and services to scan for nearby devices at any time, even when your Bluetooth is off.

This feature helps your device to improve location-based features and services. However, it can turn on Mi Bluetooth, causing a slight battery drain.

Here’s how to fix it:

  • Open the Settings App

Settings app

  • Tap the search bar and type in “Bluetooth Scanning”

Bluetooth scanning

  • Toggle off Bluetooth Scanning

Toggle off

Finally, restart your device.

2. An app using Bluetooth in the background

As mentioned earlier, there is an app running Bluetooth process whenever you switch on Xiaomi or Redmi device. The solution is to turn off Bluetooth app permissions.

You should examine the app permissions for any apps related to Bluetooth. One app that could be causing the problem is ShareIt, as it uses Bluetooth to connect to other devices.

Here’s how to turn off Bluetooth permission for some apps on MIUI:

  • Open the Settings app

Settings app

  • Find and tap Bluetooth


  • Tap Additional Settings

Additional settings

  • Tap Apps Turning On Bluetooth

Apps Turning On Bluetooth

From here, you can see the apps that cause the reason Xiaomi Bluetooth turns on automatically. The apps turning on Bluetooth in my case were Security, Cast, CIT, and Mi Fitness.

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Apps turning on Bluetooth

The next step is to go to your Apps in the Settings app and revoke Bluetooth permission for the specific apps turning on Bluetooth.

Note that the steps may be different depending on your ROM or MIUI. For this tutorial, I used MIUI 14 on the official ROM.

The last step is to restart your phone.

3. Your custom ROM has Bluetooth bugs

If none of the above works, regrettably, your ROM has bugs. If you’re on a custom ROM, try restoring the official ROM. Otherwise, update your device.

Typically, this issue wouldn’t occur unless there’s a bug in your ROM or you’re using a custom ROM with bugs. If neither of these is the case, it may be due to an app running in the background that has access to Bluetooth.

To check for MIUI updates, go to Settings > My Device > MIUI Version and click Check for Updates. If any, complete the update to fix Xiaomi Bluetooth turns on automatically problem.

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That’s all about the reasons why Xiaomi Bluetooth turns on automatically and how to fix it.

It’s usually system apps like Mi Drop, ShareIT, or third-party applications like Xender with access to Bluetooth settings that turn it on. Normally, MIUI ROMs do not have issues like this.

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