Uplifting Prayers For Friends

Uplifting Prayers For Friends

Uplifting Prayers For Friends – Friends are the lubricants that make life on earth easier. With them, we can count on their unconditional support, even during the strangest times in our lives. Sometimes we don’t realize how important it is to have loyal friends until we meet people who have been betrayed by so-called friends. Still, simply saying “Thank you for being my friend” is not enough to thank your friend.

Neither are gifts bought from the store which we give them on special days. To take your gratitude for having a friend to a higher level, you must pray for them. By doing so, you are committing them to divine care, which is a more authentic show of love than the one human can give. So, if you are set to step into the higher realm of love for your friends, pray any or more of these prayers for friends below:

Prayers For Friends

1: Dear Lord, I present before You my friend who has found grace in Your sight. I ask that Your protection remain his portion. See him through as he does his daily activities today. As he goes out and comes in, may You guide and protect him. At last, only Your name will be highly magnified. Amen.

2: Father, the beauty of Your love is that You are faithful to us even in our unfaithfulness to You. Look beyond my friend’s inadequacies and shower Your mercy upon her. Do for her what she never deserved to the amazement of many. Only You will receive the praise and thanksgiving that proceed from our lips. Amen.

3: Thank You, Jesus, for the gift of my best friend. I know it hasn’t been a smooth journey for us but by Your grace, we have scaled through hurdles that could have ended our friendship. I ask for Your wisdom and understanding in his life. Open his eyes to the blessed future You have for us, and uphold our friendship with Your right hand of righteousness. Amen.

4: Jehovah, You are mighty to save and deliver my friend from every trouble he is facing in his life. I trust You to send divine helpers at this moment to provide solutions for the problems that have defied his strength. Be honored because I know You have heard and answered me in Jesus’ name I have prayed. Amen.

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5: Father, I bless Your holy name for the gift of life which You’ve given to my friend in the hospital. By the reason of Your unending mercy, I request that You heal her of every sickness afflicting her body and spirit. Roll away every pain and restore to her the joy of her salvation. Thank You because her testimony of Your healing is assured. Amen.

6: You are God and not a man who is unstable in his ways. Therefore, I ask You on this day to bring to pass Your promise of journey mercies in my friend’s life. As she will be traveling by road today, may the road bow before her. Do wonders for her sake and we will have every reason to glorify Your name. Amen.

Good Morning Prayers For A Friends

7: It is a new day, Lord; I thank You for sustaining my friend in life and health. I pray that You make today the best day ever for my friend. May Your light shine wonderfully on his path to keep him from harm’s way. Amen.

8: Father, You are highly lifted up in our lives for the privilege You granted my friend and her family members to see the light of this day. Bring to pass every promise You have put in place for their lives today. Answer their prayers quickly, and be honored in their lives forever. Amen.

9: My Lord, this is the day that You have made; we will rejoice and be glad in it (Psalms 118:34). On that assurance, I declare that Your oil of gladness flow from my friend’s head to his feet today. Cause him to make merry today even in the face of difficulties. May nothing steal his joy from him so that he will know that truly, this is the day that You have made.

10: No one can be compared unto You, Lord. You are gracious and loving in all Your ways. I am convinced that this shall be the testimony of my dear friend as You see her through today. Amen.

11: Surely, Your goodness shall be my friend’s portion in the land of the living. Because You’ve caused her to witness the breaking of another day, Your grace shall attract the best of the land into her life. Amen.

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12: Thank You, Jesus, for Your precious gift of life this day. Just as You have allowed my friend to be a partaker of life in the land of the living, I believe that Your countenance shall radiate upon her. May everything she does today bring glory to Your name and blessings to her life, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Good Night Prayers For Friends

13: The night has come, the time for rest is here. Lord, I beseech You to keep my friends safe and sound. Protect them from the terror that lurks around in the night. Shield them from destruction and may they wake up strong and healthy by daybreak. Amen.

14: Father, I commit my friends into Your able hand. Though they are in different parts of the world, they are gathered at Your feet at this hour. Embrace them with Your warmth as they go to bed tonight. Give them sweet dreams, and when the time comes for them to wake up, bring their spirits back to their bodies. Amen.

15: My heavenly Father, I commend my friends’ lives to You, requesting that You safeguard them as they sleep tonight. Grant them a fine weather condition that will make their night delightful. Above all, may they wake up at the appointed time into a brand new day. Amen.

16: Lord, I thank You for a day well spent. Be with my friends as they retire to their beds. May Your angels guard their bed corners and also protect their homes from evil. Amen.

Prayers For Your Friend’s Success

17: Loving Father, You are the Giver of success; without You, our hustles are in vain. Grant my friend success in his endeavors. May he excel in all that his hands find to do according to Your perfect will. Amen.

18: Father, prosperity comes from You and whoever You are with doesn’t labor in futility. I ask for You to prosper my friend in his workplace. Also, do not delay in promoting him when his time comes. I thank You for answering my prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen.

19: Every good and perfect gift comes from You, Lord ( James 1:17). I trust in You to grant my friend success in the project that she plans to execute this month. Make available the resources that she will need to do a great job. And above all, keep her healthy and strong from the start to the finish. Amen.

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20: Jesus, I glorify You for Your showers of blessings in my friend’s life. Thank You for not allowing him to be put to shame or mocked by his enemies. In Your mercy, keep him moving from glory to glory to the astonishment of naysayers. Amen.

21: Lord, it is by Your grace that my friend became an entrepreneur. I know You won’t stop at making him self-employed; You will also sustain him in his ventures. Cause him to find favor before men and may You help him discover ways where it was impossible to find a way. Amen.

Prayers For Your Friend’s Happiness

22: Father, it is Your promise that with joy, we shall draw from the well of salvation (Isaiah 12:3). I request that this promise be made manifest today in my friend’s life. May his heart bubble in joy to the point where every sorrow that threatens his peace melts away. Amen.

23: Darling Jesus, You understand my friend’s thoughts and needs more than I do. Regarding this issue that is causing her to be depressed, I pray that You intervene in Your loving kindness. Hold her dearly to Your bosom, and with Your breath of life, blow away misery from her heart. Restore happiness to her, and I will praise You forever. Amen.

24: Without You, Father, life is meaningless. It is Your pure joy that I ask for on my friend’s behalf. May the joy that births boundless happiness be his portion all the days of his life. Through him, every member of his family shall come to the understanding of Your mightiness to deliver from sorrow and despair. Amen.

25: Thank You, Father, for the privilege to experience the joy and happiness that come from above. I ask this day that You visit my friend likewise. Though he is at the lowest point of his life, Your spirit of joy can locate and lift him from the dungeon he is in. Answer me, Lord, that my joy will be complete. Amen.

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