How to play COD Mobile on PC without getting banned

How to play COD Mobile on PC without getting banned

Call of Duty: Mobile (COD Mobile) is created by TiMi Studios and released by Activision. With millions of players around the globe, it has quickly risen to become one of the most well-liked mobile games. Although it is a game for mobile devices, you could still play COD Mobile on PC without getting banned. It’s fun on PC, thanks to the accuracy of the mouse and keyboard.

How to play COD Mobile on PC without getting banned

How to play COD Mobile on PC without getting banned

While it’s possible to play Call of Duty Mobile on PC, not all emulators are supported. That said, below are the steps to play COD Mobile on PC without getting banned:

1. Download and install Gameloop

Activision has given its legal approval to a small number of Android emulators that can be used to play COD Mobile on PC. The most famous of these is Gameloop, which is made by Tencent, which also has a stake in Activision.

If you use an emulator that is approved by the game company, you can play the game on a bigger screen and reduce the chance of getting banned. But only use the original version of the emulator to play COD Mobile on PC without getting banned. Avoid any Gameloop versions that have been changed or hacked, as these could get your account banned.

2. Set up Gameloop

Follow these steps to play COD Mobile on your PC with Gameloop:

  1. Go to the main Gameloop website ( and download the latest version of the emulator.
  2. Run the installer you downloaded and follow the steps on the screen to set up Gameloop on your PC.
  3. When the download is done, open Gameloop and use your Tencent account to sign in. You can make a free account if you don’t already have one.
  4. Click on “Game Center” and look for “Call of Duty: Mobile.” Click “Install” to get the game downloaded and set up in the emulator.
  5. Once the installation is done, you can start COD Mobile from Gameloop’s “My Games” tab.
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3. Configure your emulator settings

Change the emulator and game settings to get the best speed and avoid being seen as a PC player. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Set the emulator’s resolution to match the resolution of your PC’s display. This will make the experience more realistic and stop scaling problems.
  2. Change the frame rate of the software to match the refresh rate of your monitor. A better frame rate can make the game run more smoothly, but it may also make it easier for the anti-cheat system to figure out that you’re playing on a PC.
  3. Turn off any background apps and services that you don’t need to make room for the emulator.
  4. Turn on “FPS Mode” in the game’s settings to make the controls work best with a mouse and keyboard. This will also help keep tablet input from being accidentally picked up, which could lead to a ban.

4. Get a good VPN

You want to use a VPN if Gameloop is not yet released for your region. While using this legally supported emulator lowers the chance of getting banned by a lot, some players have been banned even when they use Gameloop in unsupported regions.

Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service when you play COD Mobile on your PC to add an extra layer of security. This will hide your IP address and make it harder for the game’s anti-cheat system to figure out your location.

5. Follow COD Mobile rules

Take some time to read Call of Duty Mobile Terms of Service before you start playing COD Mobile on your PC. (ToS). Learn the rules and regulations, because breaking any of them could get you kicked out.

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In particular, don’t use any tools or changes made by a third party, as the ToS strongly forbids this.

Practice sportsmanship and fair play to play COD Mobile on PC without getting banned. If you play COD Mobile on a PC, you’ll have a big edge over players on mobile devices because of the accuracy of your mouse and keyboard.

6. Practice good manners and fair play

To play COD Mobile on PC without getting banned, you want to avoid drawing attention to yourself and possibly being reported by other players.

Do not talk badly about your opponents or tease them. If you treat other players with care, they will be less likely to report you. You don’t also want to mention to your opponents that you’re on PC — they can report your account just for that. But it won’t matter anyway.

Also, don’t use any of the game’s flaws or bugs. Exploiting how a game works can be seen as cheating and could get you banned.

Help and support the people on your team to make the game experience better as well as make it less likely that someone will pick you out as a PC player.

7. Protect your CODM account

Use a strong, unique password for each of your accounts on Activision and Tencent. Hackers will have a harder time getting into your account if you do this.

Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA) to make your account more secure. When you log in from a new place or device, you will have to enter a unique code that was sent to your email or phone.

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Also, be careful about giving out information about your account. Only tell people you trust your login information and never post it online or in a public place.

8. Read the latest news and information

Stay up to date on the latest news about COD Mobile and how it feels about playing the game on a PC. You might not be able to play on a PC without getting banned if the game’s rules change or if new anti-cheating measures are added.

Follow the main COD Mobile accounts on social media and forums to find out about any news or changes.

Check the Gameloop website often to see if there are any changes to the emulator, which could include optimizations or better compatibility.

Join the COD Mobile community on Reddit, Discord, or Facebook to talk about the game and share your stories with other players.

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