How to verify PayPal without ID [confirm identity bypass]

How to verify PayPal without ID

You want to verify PayPal without ID if you have none. If you don’t verify, PayPal will restrict your account until they receive your verification document.

PayPal will typically request a photo or a scanned copy of your government-issued photo ID which is okay since PayPal is also a banking institution legally required to know its customers. If you don’t verify, your account could be locked. Normally, acceptable IDs include driver’s license, passport ID, green card, or any government-issued ID.

PayPal account verification helps make PayPal safer for every user. When verified, PayPal now has additional information about you to help confirm your identity, as well as protect your account. When verified, PayPal removes account limits, meaning you can send or receive more money going forward.

How to verify PayPal without ID

How to verify PayPal without ID

I understand that you do not have an ID with you for verification, and I have made deeper findings on your behalf to help you use your PayPal account without an ID.

1. Stay within the limit

Usually, when you try to exceed the specific funds limit, that will trigger identity verification. After all, without verifying your PayPal account, you won’t qualify to use the full service.

An unverified PayPal generally has limits, including the funds you can withdraw (which is $500 per month if your account is unverified) or transfer to your account. Note that you can view the amount you are limited to when you go to send money. Try not to exceed the amount to avoid triggering ID verification and having to verify PayPal without ID.

2. Try using multiple IDs

Remember that PayPal accepts most photo ID documents as long as they are government issued and in date (i.e., not expired).

That’s to say if you don’t have a Passport, you can use your driving license with your photo on it will also be accepted. However, if you do not have a driver’s license, submit a copy of your bank or card statement as requested.

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3. Don’t hold a balance with PayPal

For PayPal confirm identity bypass to work, do not hold a balance with PayPal. As PayPal has published in this article, only your essential information (name, country, etc.) is required when you sign up. However, if you want to hold a balance on PayPal, that’s when PayPal will require you to confirm your identity. I’ve even written about the common PayPal unable to confirm identity problem that some users face. Understand that, even though PayPal is not a regular bank, they are legally required to comply with government regulations like any other financial institution to confirm your ID.

That said, if you don’t confirm your identity, you’ll still be able to send money and make PayPal purchases using your bank or debit/credit card but not your PayPal balance.

4. Use your birth certificate

PayPal requesting your ID verification means your account has been subjected to a standard regulatory review. PayPal is a banking institution, so they need to be sure that you indeed own the card linked to your account by requesting your ID.

Don’t get pissed—PayPal requesting your ID is a standard process every banking institution must follow. Moreover, unlike PayPal, most banks ask for your identity documents in advance before you can open an account with them.

That said, if you don’t have a utility bill, a Passport, or a driver’s license, PayPal accepts your birth certificate along with another government-issued document such as from the Revenue or Social Welfare Office. To verify your address, you can submit a recent bank/card statement

5. Try uploading your account statement

You may be able to bypass the PayPal identity if you submit your bank statement. In my case, I received money through my Payoneer card. Payoneer offers the option to download a card statement in PDF format, so I downloaded and uploaded it to PayPal and the ID was bypassed within minutes.

The reason my Payoneer statement worked is that it contains the company name and logo, my full legal name and address (as in my PayPal account), date of issue, and recent transactions.

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Note that this particular method depends on location, so it may not apply to your case if PayPal does not consider other document options.

6. Contact customer service

Your best bet is to contact PayPal customer service to take a look and see what can be done to get you sorted out or help you verify PayPal without ID.

You can You can call PayPal customer service by dialing 1-888-221-1161 if you’re within the US or use their social media platforms such as Twitter (@AskPayPal) or Facebook

Another option is to log into your account, click Help & Contact at the bottom of the page, choose the account verification option, and click “Chat with us.”

Can you use PayPal without verifying identity?

If PayPal can’t verify your identity, you’ll only be allowed to send money or make PayPal purchases using your bank or debit/credit card and not your PayPal balance (see PayPal’s publication).

That said, can I use school ID for PayPal? Unfortunately, PayPal does not accept school ID for account verification. Military IDs, state medical cards, and expired IDs are not also acceptable forms of identity verification.

PayPal identity verification is one of the reasons for account limitation which sometimes force some user to operate stealth accounts on PayPal.

How much money can you spend on PayPal without being verified?

An unverified PayPal generally has limits, including the funds you can withdraw (which is $500 per month if your account is unverified) or transfer to your account. Note that you can view the amount you are limited to when you go to send money.

However, if your account is verified, you do not have a limit on the amount of money you can send. In a single transaction, you’re limited to sending up to $60,000, however, PayPal could still limit you to $10,000. This amount varies depending on your currency or location. So, stay within that limit to avoid having to verify PayPal without ID.

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Is it safe to upload ID to PayPal?

It is safe to upload your ID to PayPal. Just make sure you’re using the official PayPal website or app and not a fraudulent or phishing site. PayPal is a secure and reputable online payment service that takes the protection of your personal and financial information seriously.

When you upload your ID to PayPal, PayPal encrypts and stores it securely on its servers. PayPal only requests your ID as part of its verification process to help protect you and the platform from fraudulent activity.

If you’re asked to upload your ID to PayPal and are unsure if the request is legitimate, contact PayPal directly to find out. Make sure to take steps to protect your personal and financial information, for explaining, using strong passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and looking out for suspicious emails or websites.


If you haven’t already had funds in your PayPal account, it’s best to cancel the account if you have no ID or are unwilling to submit your ID for verification. This is because PayPal will eventually close your account and hold any funds you may have received. PayPal will hold your funds for 180 days, the same timeframe buyers have to open PayPal disputes against any funds you received.

If no disputes are opened against you in that 180 days, PayPal allows you to withdraw the funds as long as the account is in your legal name and you are more than 18 years of age. PayPal will usually send you an email with steps to follow to withdraw your funds.

If you find it difficult to withdraw the funds, call the customer service line and request the option to withdraw funds to your bank account.

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