How to Use PayPal in Banned Countries [Without VPN]

How to use PayPal in banned countries

You probably need to receive funds on PayPal but can’t create one that sends and receives funds due to PayPal location restrictions. In this article, you will learn how to use PayPal in banned countries with or without a VPN.

You are guaranteed that when you’re done reading this post and following it through, you will have a valid and active PayPal account in a country that has been banned from using PayPal to send and receive funds.

Before we begin, let’s see what PayPal is all about, how it works, and why some countries are not supported by PayPal even though it is one of the payment providers in the world that is popular.

How to use PayPal in banned countries

How to generate a fake PayPal payment
Unsupported PayPal country

If you want to use PayPal in a banned country, follow the steps below:

1. Gather the requirements

The following should be ready before proceeding to the next section of opening PayPal in a banned country.

  • An active email address
  • Physical address
  • International passport
  • A phone number

Note that what you’re doing is basically like creating a stealth PayPal account.

Let’s go ahead and open PayPal now that you have everything in place.

2. Visit the PayPal URL

The default website we are redirected to when we visit PayPal’s website should be changed to create a and use PayPal in banned countries.

This link should be visited. Now, wait to be redirected to a URL similar to, which is shown in your browser’s address bar.

In the URL, change your “COUNTRY-CODE” to “is” and then click ENTER to be redirected to PayPal Iceland’s homepage.

3. Sign up on PayPal

Now, tap the Sign Up button at the top right corner on the new homepage to register an account in a banned country.

4. Choose business account

Still on how to use PayPal in banned countries, select a business account, then click Continue and it will bring you to an email form where you will enter your active email address to continue.

After inputting your email, you should be redirected to a signup page where you’re asked for additional details. Now, complete your details in the signup form and click Continue.

5. Choose your phone number

You can use a fake phone number or address it without any issues, but I would not recommend that.

Have it in the back of your mind that if your intention of creating a PayPal account is to scam people, then you’ll get caught.

For example, some people are known to send fake PayPal payment screenshots to other people.

If you have difficulty bypassing the postal code, any of the following can be used to move to the next step:

  • 760
  • 765
  • 310
  • 620 or
  • 820

Now, tap Continue to move to the next step. Note that you can use a phone number service to buy a foreign phone number to sign up on PayPal.

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Use the comment form on this page to ask for a recommendation if you don’t already know which app to use for buying a foreign phone number. Meanwhile, I recommend you buy Numero eSIM or DingTone Phone app.

6. Enter your business information

Here are more details about your business that will be filled in. For the type of business, you can select whatever applies to your business. But you can go with “Individual” since you may not already have a business.

Still, on how to use PayPal in banned countries, choose a business category that applies to your business (if you have a business) and enter your business website (if you have one). That one is optional though.

7. Fill in account holder details

The information of the account holder comes next. Here your international passport or driving license comes into play.

Regarding how to use PayPal in banned countries, this step differs since some people could be asked to upload a scanned copy of their ID while others just have to fill in their ID number and date of birth. Follow through with whatever option you’re provided with.

Now, tap Continue to finally create your PayPal account in your unsupported country.

You should see a page asking you to confirm your email address. Congratulations! You now have been able to create  and use PayPal account in banned countries.

8. Link your card to your PayPal account

Regarding how to use PayPal in banned countries, any card with the MasterCard or VISA logo on it can be added to your newly created PayPal account. Most of them operate well for this verification. You can click to add a new card and input your card details from your dashboard.

Note that you’ll be charged about $2 which will come with a code included in your transaction history and it might take up to 24 hours. The code is what you will use to verify your card.

Once this is done, an email will be sent to you stating the removal of your account restrictions.

How to remove PayPal account limits

Be aware of the sending limits on PayPal, which is a security measure that has been put in place by PayPal to cut down fraud. For every new PayPal account, you will have a sending or transfer limit of $10,000 in a single transaction.

This limit can be removed with the use of a valid bank account in the country (Iceland) from a friend or relative.

But there are rumors that the limit can be removed with the use of a Payoneer checking bank account.

I doubt it will work because a US checking account is gotten from Payoneer. But the used country is different (Iceland) therefore, that may not work.

Anyways, you can try it out and leave a comment in the comment section below.


This doesn’t work anymore as more restrictions will be caused on your PayPal account. However, I have explained the trick to remove funds in a limited PayPal account.

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What is PayPal app?

This is an American company that operates an online payment system that supports online money transfers and also serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as money orders and checks all over the world.

With PayPal, you can easily and securely, send, receive, and manage your transactions in one place. Just download the app on your phone or sign up for free online via your mobile app store or PayPal website

This article will explain how to use PayPal in banned countries but why do we need a PayPal account in a banned country? If you are wondering about the need for PayPal, it is simply used for your online business and to pay or get paid.

The truth is that one way or the other you will need a PayPal account if you’re looking forward to making money online.

There are different other ways to get paid online. They are mostly stressful to set up compared to normal PayPal in a supported country.

PayPal and Payoneer, and so on are examples of some of the top-rated payment providers in the world. For instance, Payoneer enables you to own a US checking account in which payments from any business in the world (not individuals) can be received.

A card to which your Payoneer US account is linked will be sent to you for you to be able to withdraw your cash anytime and anywhere.

The card can be used on most ATMs where you get to be paid in your local currency. Your Payoneer account can also be gotten for free.

Why PayPal doesn’t work in your country

It is quite difficult to arrive at an answer to this. So, we’ve gone through many online articles to get this fact. Now, why would certain countries not be supported on PayPal?

Well, the simple answer is your government policies and security concerns. That is the justifiable reason PayPal doesn’t work in some countries, including yours. It’s important to point out that some of the restricted countries are from Africa and the Middle East.

This is because some countries lack security and a proper banking system for PayPal integration without compromising PayPal users.

That said, this article will show you how to open a PayPal account in a banned restricted country without getting suspended.

Why don’t we create a US PayPal account?

It is not easy to create a US PayPal account as it is very stressful and requires a serious workaround to make it work and most of them require a VPN.

Also, some real documents will be needed in the long run which can lead to PayPal either suspending or deleting your account.

How to withdraw your PayPal funds

This is not a legit method since we are bypassing some rules in PayPal’s user agreement page.

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A normal method for funds to be withdrawn would have been linking your bank account to your PayPal account and then waiting for funds to be settled by PayPal within a few hours or days.

But since this method is not legit, to withdraw funds, you will have to visit exchange forums to trade PayPal funds for gift cards, cash, or buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency/digital coins with it.

To get your money in your bank account, it is best to trade your PayPal funds for crypto using Peer-to-Peer exchange sites. Paxful is a good place to use for your PayPal fund exchange.

You probably wonder what Paxful means—it is a P2P crypto marketplace for buyers and sellers.

So, what is Paxful? Paxful lets you choose your preferred method of payment and then enter rhe amount of bitcoins to exchange for PayPal funds. Of course, you get to pay with your PayPal balance.

When your PayPal fund is converted to Bitcoin, just sell the Bitcoin to another person (it could be someone in your country) and get your payment to your bank account.

Paxful holds your money in escrow until you make a confirmation regarding the funds in your bank account. If you don’t make a confirmation, Paxful refunds you the money.

You can follow this link to create an account and start using Paxful.


It’s important to check the buyer’s Paxful rating before you open a trade with them.

Meanwhile, here’s a guide I wrote to show you ways to trick PayPal to release funds fast.

Can I use VPN to open PayPal?

Generally, a VPN provides privacy and security to users, so it’s important when processing your payment on PayPal. Online payment offers insufficient protection, so you want a VPN when accessing PayPal to block your IP.

Which countries can not use PayPal?

Technically, PayPal is available in lots of countries. However, some countries can only use PayPal to send money without receiving it. It’s advisable to verify if PayPal supports both sending and receiving of funds in your country via this page

Just click your country from the list—if PayPal reads “Pay and get paid”, you can both send and receive. However, if you see “Pay” only, you can only send funds on PayPal but can’t receive funds in your country.

Can PayPal detect my IP address?

PayPal can detect your IP address, it uses fraud detection for IP address identification, specifically for your city and country. Moreover, you can manage your IP location irrespective of your current location using a VPN.

Ultimately, it is possible to create and use PayPal in banned countries. You have to limit the amount of funds you send and receive to stay out of PayPal’s radar. Otherwise, your account can be permanently limited.

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