How to remove Mi Smart Hub from control center

Mi Smart Hub

This article is about how to remove Mi Smart Hub from control center. It’s a nice feature and I noticed it does not drain Mi phone battery significantly. After turning off the Mi smart hub from the control center, you’re merely unclogging your control center.

In this guide, I’ll quickly show you the steps to remove the Mi Smart Hub on the new MIUI 13 and 14 control center.

How to remove Mi Smart Hub from control center

Below are the steps to remove Mi Smart Hub from control center:

1. Go to the Settings app


2. Click Notifications & Control Center

Control center

3. Click Additional Cards

Additional Cards

4. Toggle off Mi Smart Hub

Mi Smart Hub

So, that’s it. If you want to turn the feature back on, just follow the steps above and toggle on Mi Smart Hub.

If you can’t find the “Additional cards” option in Notification & Control Center settings, just type in “Smart Hub” into the search bar in the settings app to bring up the Smart Hub settings.


If you’re curious about this feature in your control center, do not try to roll back the updates to the Cast system app. Otherwise, the music player on the control panel may not be able to identify any media being played.

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