How to Use Cash App in Another Country 2023

how to open Cash App account

You should know how to use Cash App in another country for mobile transactions to work effectively. Cash App helps you to carry out mobile transactions with your smartphone.

To open a Cash App account, you either download Cash App from the play store or visit the website, create an account, and then transfer or receive money from people. Since the Cash App account has weekly sending and monthly receiving limits of $250 and $1000 respectively, you may opt to verify your Cash App account to increase the transaction limit.

Cash App supports residents of the UK and US only. Therefore, if you do not reside there, creating a Cash App account would be tough as it would require additional steps.

The country in which you reside is not a barrier to creating a Cash App. Although, the main application required to create a Cash App if you do not reside in the UK or the US is a VPN.

This article will guide you on how to create a Cash App account in the US, the UK, and other unsupported countries.

How to use Cash App in another country

how to open Cash App account
Cash App in another country

To use Cash App in another country, you can either use the official Cash App site or the Cash App mobile app for Android and iOS.

Below are steps to open a Cash App account for residents in the UK or the US.

1. Open Cash App

As mentioned earlier, to download the Cash App, you will need either a paid or free VPN or install it from an unofficial app store.

Note: Ensure to set the VPN to the US or the UK servers only.

2. Enter your email address and phone number

By entering an email address and phone number, a verification code will be sent to either of them.

If your phone number is not recognized by Cash App, get a US or UK phone number.

It doesn’t require you ordering for a UK or US SIM card as the number can be generated online.

3. Don’t add your bank yet

By linking your current bank account to Cash App, you can start sending and receiving money.

If you do not have a debit card, do well to get it from your bank, and do not link it to the Cash App for now.

To complete the following field, click on “Skip”.

4. Enter your name and generate your $Cashtag

Do not make use of your real name if you intend to stay anonymous; or else, continue by inputting your valid and full name.

A unique username – $Cashtag, which will be used within the Cash App to send and receive money to your account will be set.

5. Enter your ZIP code

ZIP code in the US or the UK is required since you are signing up for a Cash App from another country other than the UK and the US.

To avoid getting an invalid error message from the Cash App, do well to recheck the ZIP code filled in.

6. Sign up on TransferWise

You will need a TransferWise account after the sign-up process on Cash App has been completed.

A VPN is not required to download and access TransferWise except the list of supported countries does not include your country.

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The mobile phone or the website can be used to sign up on TransferWise. You can either choose between a business or a personal account, but I advise choosing a personal account.

7. Verify and set the currency

Select the country you are currently residing in while signing up on TransferWise.

Then, check your email address or phone number for a verification code, fill in the code, and then set the denomination (Dollars, Pounds, and Euros) to the currency of the country the Cash App is created for.

For instance, when creating a Cash App for the US, your denomination will be USD (US Dollar). Also, if the Cash App created is for the UK, you will choose GBP (British Pound).

Currency can be set in TransferWise by navigating to Balance » Open a Balance. Select the needed currency from the list.

8. Add money to TransferWise

To add money to the TransferWise account, go to balance, choose the balance you want, and then click on Add.

Choose GBP if you’re signing up for a UK Cash App but USD for a US Cash App.

A form requesting the amount of money you want will appear, in that case, enter the amount required.

Note: Do not forget that you cannot transfer an amount of money that is higher than $250 weekly since you are using a basic Cash App account.

9. Choose your payment option

When a payment option is requested by TransferWise, do well to select the debit card and enter the information on your debit card.

Note: To avoid encountering an error during processing, ensure to give the correct information on your debit card.

10. Connect TransferWise to Cash App

After setting up TransferWise, enable a VPN, and open your Cash App account.

To connect TransferWise with Cash App, click on the banking icon from the home screen of your Cash App account and then select Add a Bank.

Select No Card when a form appears. Another form will pop up requesting your bank account details.

Open TransferWise and then copy the bank details to the Cash App where you will be able to send and receive money using the Cash App in any country of the world.

How to send money on Cash App

  • Open the Cash App account after allowing your VPN.
  • Enter the amount of money you intend to send (not more than $200 for unverified Cash App users).
  • Click on Pay.
  • Enter either the phone number, $Cashtag, or email address of the registered Cash App user.
  • Describe the payment (optional) and tap Pay.

How to receive money on Cash App

To receive money on Cash App, you will accept from senders manually.

  • Allow a VPN, launch Cash App, and navigate to the Activity tab.
  • Check the pending tab and you will see the money sent to you pending. Tap Accept icon.
  • Click Confirm on the pop-up and select Done.

Note: If money is sent by the same sender in the future, you will not have to receive it manually.

How to open Cash App in the UK or US

If you stay in the UK or US, follow these steps:

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1. Go to Cash App sign up page

To create a Cash App account from another country, visit the sign up page via the mobile phone or the Cash App website. Cash App signup page is

If Cash App is not available in your country, use a VPN. You can use USA or UK VPN to sign up.

2. Enter your contact details

Cash App will request both your email address and phone number, therefore fill in a valid phone number and email address to receive a code in either of them.

3. Connect Cash App to your bank

Connect the Cash App to your bank account, using the information on your debit card to be able to send and receive money.

4. Complete your personal information

Your full name will be requested by the Cash App, so do well to fill it in correctly.

5. Set $Cashtag

The $Cashtag is your unique Cash App username, therefore, to receive money in Cash App, a sender needs your $Cashtag.

6. Provide ZIP Code

Provide a valid ZIP code to prevent your Cash App from reporting it as invalid.

You may refer here to confirm the general steps to open Cash App if you stay in the UK or US.

How to request money on Cash App

  • Allow a VPN, launch Cash App, and navigate to the Cash tab.
  • Input the amount of money you want and tap on Request.
  • Select the person(s) to request from and tap on Request.

How to verify your Cash App account

To verify a Cash App, the sending limit will be increased from $250 to $7,500 in a week.

Below are the steps to verify Cash App account:

  • Enter an amount greater than $250 you want to transfer.
  • Provide your real and full name, date of birth, and the last 4 digits of your SSN (Social Security Number). If not, you may have to settle with the basic Cash App account.

Cash App does not verify accounts of people below 18 years.

Does Cash App work in other countries?

No, Cash App does not work internationally, in that case, you can use Cash App unofficially in any country.

Cash App which is formerly known as Square Cash is primarily designed for the US. Even though the mobile payment service supports the UK, there have limited features compared to Cash App for the US

Even Canada which is a neighboring country to the US is not supported by Cash App. Therefore, if the Cash App is yet to support your country, do not be surprised.

We can use the Cash App to send and receive instant payment while it works on going international.

Although sending and receiving money internationally with Cash App is unofficial, you should know how to open and use Cash App in another country.

Cash App and TransferWise are needed to open and use Cash App in another country and transact in any country.

TransferWise mobile payment service supports several countries all over the world but if it does not support your country, you may still send money to recipients with these denominations such as EUR, USD, and GBP.

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How to download Cash App internationally

Except if you are resident in the UK or the US, the Cash App website or the app from Google play store and apple play store is inaccessible to you.

Below is how you can access and download Cash App:

1. Use a VPN

Cash App can be downloaded from any play store that notifies that it does not support your country, with the use of a VPN.

After downloading a VPN, set the IP location to either the US or the UK.

I recommend the US because the Cash App for the UK has limited features.

But if it is needed for a transaction with a UK resident, then do well to create the Cash App for the UK.

2. Download from unofficial app stores

For non-residents of the UK or the US, downloading to use Cash App in another country, you will have to visit the unofficial app stores for Android or iOS.

But if you attempt to gain access to Cash App on either the Apple app store or the Google play store, you will be notified that the app does not support your current location. Therefore, the download option will not be available.

The limitations can be bypassed with the use of unofficial .apk stores such as,, and for the .apk (Android). For iOS, navigate to a site such as for the .ipa (iOS).

Note: A VPN is required to open the Cash App, sign up, and start sending and receiving money from people.

Best VPN for opening Cash App

Below is the best VPN for Cash App if it’s banned in your country:

1. TunnelBear

TunnelBear VPN is a premium VPN to use if you have intentions of transacting with a Cash App for a long time. It can be used to cut off Cash App from detecting your location by hiding your IP address.

2. IPVanish

I recommend IPvanish if you have some money to spare on a VPN. This VPN has been proven to give smooth access to the US or UK servers to use Cash App conveniently.

3. NordVPN

This VPN is known for granting access to Internet services that are limited to particular locations.

Your IP address will be presented by NordVPN as the UK or the US IP to Cash App since you are not a resident of the UK or the US.

4. Free VPNs

There are free VPNs from the app store, you can use them if you do not have money.

Also, note that a typical free VPN is limited and it is mostly hosted on a weak server.


This article contains how to open and use Cash App in another country and how to send, request, and receive money in your Cash App Account.

With SSN, the verification process is made easy but if you can not verify with the SSN, you will have to settle with the basic Cash App till you can.

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