How to Generate Fake PayPal Payment Proof or Screenshot

How to generate a fake PayPal payment

It is possible to generate a fake PayPal payment proof to prank somebody or fake a payment proof and screenshot but it is illegal if your intention is to scam people with a fake PayPal receipt or payment. So, how do you create a PayPal invoice?

There are just a few ways in which PayPal proof can be forged, regarding how to create fake PayPal payment proof. You can fake PayPal proof by sending a screenshot to the seller but it’s very rare as anyone can manipulate a screenshot and as such, the person the fake screenshot is meant for, won’t be convinced, especially if PayPal is banned in their country.

Therefore, they’ll try to do something more real by using a method where they’d be able to either video call or make a screen record of the transaction so a recipient will believe.

How to generate fake PayPal payment proof

How to generate a fake PayPal payment

Now you know that you can generate fake PayPal payment proof. This part explains the more realistic methods available. The following are the steps to generate fake PayPal payment:

1. Change the amount using inspect elements

The “inspect element” can be used to fake PayPal payment proof. This item can be found on modern desktop web browsers which allows a source code of a website such as PayPal, plus its JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and media files—HubSpot, to be viewed and edited.

This method of how to generate fake PayPal payment does not require a fake PayPal receipt generator, fake PayPal receipt generator Reddit, or fake payment proof generator.

If you do not have a PayPal account, visit to create one. But if your country has restricted PayPal, follow this instruction to create a stealth PayPal.

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At least one transaction has to be carried out in the account even if you want to send $1 to somebody. Move to your PayPal summary page when the transaction has been done successfully, and locate it. But if you have the account already, all you have to do is to go to the summary page and tap on any past transaction that was done. This way, you can create a fake PayPal payment confirmation to send to someone as a prank about how much PayPal money balance you have or have sent to them.

Do well to use your desktop browser like Firefox or Chrome to access your PayPal account. While on the page, right-click any section of the website and select the inspect element to bring up the website in the form of a piece of code.

You can use your Android smartphone to inspect a website element if you do not have a PC. All you need to do is to follow this link

Move to the balance section on your PayPal so you’d change your PayPal balance to any amount of your choice so your account will display the edited balance. When you are done with the changes, go ahead and view your newly edited HTML which will now display the edited figures just as PayPal will do. You can also watch this video to learn more information that’ll help to protect you online about PayPal:

To convince your friend that you’re pranking that you did not manipulate the figures from Photoshop, you can make a screen record of the modified balance and send it to them.

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2. Use a PayPal proof generator

Most PayPal proof generators online such as Invoice ninja, SquareUp, Zoho, and many more are actually receipt generators that can’t generate a PayPal proof. I mean, these tools can generate proofs but cannot generate a more realistic PayPal proof of payment that can be sent to someone.

The real tools that can be used to generate PayPal proof or money are available on the GitHub platform and you don’t even need to own a PayPal account. You can use the tool to generate fake PayPal payment that you can use to claim you made a payment when you didn’t. The tool will generate a message like “You’ve sent 1000.00 USD to”. This receipt appears real and can be shared with the person.

All you do is visit or click on the link below. Search GitHub for others like this. After downloading the code, open index.html and go straight to the website where you’d fill out the form. Congratulations you’ve generated a fake PayPal payment proof for pranking friends and loved ones.

3. Use Photoshop

Photoshop is not the best solution to use as fake proof PayPal payment sent but if you know how to go about it properly, you can make use of it. But do well to follow the solutions explained above for they are the best.

If Photoshop is however available to you and you believe you can handle it, do not fail to go through the fake PayPal image thoroughly. In addition, the image should be renamed as “screenshot_123332224” or whatever screenshots are being named on your PC or mobile device, so it will look like the screenshot has been taken from your PayPal account.

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A PayPal account is not required if you are using Photoshop but if you can’t find a sample payment photo online that you can edit to fake payment proof, one will be needed.

Your font type and size should be considered when editing. Also, if you are using an online image, other information such as the email address should be edited properly.


How do I get proof of payment on PayPal?

Paypal: On PayPal, proof of payment is usually a photo or a screenshot of the payment shown on your PayPal account. The PayPal invoice ID which consists of 12 digits and begins with 20 will be seen on it. You must have a visible payment reference for other payment methods.

Can you fake a PayPal balance?

People do screenshot balances from PayPal pages which reflect huge amounts and then make a post as if it’s theirs. Therefore, the amount has been faked! Although anybody can make the money, those from the pages are usually used to scam people.

What does a fake email from PayPal look like?

Fake messages usually begin with impersonal greetings. But greetings like “Dear user” or “Hello, PayPal member” are suspected to be fake. PayPal will always message using your full name as it is listed in your account.


Obviously, it’s not that difficult to generate fake PayPal proof in order to use as a screenshot or video for real. Be sure you do the right thing with whichever method you choose to use in order not to create suspicions. Lastly, this is definitely illegal, mostly when you are engaging in a real transaction that requires real money to be sent to the seller.

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