How to find someone’s phone number on Instagram

How to find someone’s phone number on Instagram

Generally, you can’t find someone’s phone number on Instagram. Besides, Instagram makes it such that you can’t get someone’s phone number even if the person sets their account to public. Usually, you find someone’s phone number on Instagram if they use a business account and have shared their phone number or mentioned it in their bio.

Ordinarily, Instagram doesn’t share users’ phone numbers unless authorized. However, this only works on business accounts which are usually public. You just have to click the ‘Contact’ button below the profile’s Insta-bio.

On a private account, there is no phone number contact option, even if you follow the person since the phone number is private. This leads us to the purpose of this guide—to help you get someone’s phone number using Instagram.

How to find someone’s phone number on Instagram

Even though Instagram hides phone numbers, there are various other alternatives to finding someone’s phone number on Instagram. Below are steps to find someone’s phone number on Instagram:

1. Check their Instagram profile page

How to find someone’s phone number on Instagram

The Instagram profile of the person in question may contain their phone number, especially if it is a business account. Most Instagram business accounts have their phone contact listed on their page, so click the contact option on their profile.

In some cases, some users mention the phone number of their managers, assistants, and any other person handling their account.

2. Use people search websites

How to extract phone number from Instagram private account

People search sites (or people finder sites) collect personal information about people from multiple sources, compile it into a report, and sell those reports—the FTC explains.

Using a people search website is perfectly legal and allows you to find someone’s phone number on Instagram. The FTC also confirms that currently, no federal laws prevent companies from publishing this kind of information on the internet, even if the published information is inaccurate. “The information on people search sites is typically “public information” collected from public or semi-public records,” FTC explains.

That said, you can perform a reverse Instagram username lookup via a people search website to find someone’s phone number. Some of the people search websites to use include:

  • Your Family
  • Family Tree Now
  • Zabasearch
  • PeepLookup
  • Spokeo
  • True People Search
  • People Finder
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These sites work, however, there is a chance that you won’t find data for every person as new data are added to the database every time.

3. Search other social media accounts

Since you know the person’s username on Instagram, you can search for that on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Before manually searching for the person on other platforms, look at their Instagram bio—they may have mentioned their other handles. You could find the other social media account links using the Linktree link in the IG profile bio.

4. Ask for the number via DM

Most users (especially private accounts) do not list their phone numbers on their profiles. Thus, you want to send the person a private message asking for it. If you think they won’t give it to you, which is usually the case with getting Instagram followers phone number, consider other options.

Instagram phone number Finder free

As you can see, the screenshot above is a private profile without contact information. That means you have to follow the person and they follow back to see their contact info to help you find someone’s phone number on Instagram.

If you have to collect contact information (for example email address, phone number) from your followers, use a direct message to request the number instead of commenting on your post, Instagram advises.

Instagram supports a messenger feature called Direct—see Instagram FAQs on this. Instagram Direct allows you to exchange threaded messages with one or more people, and share posts in Feed and Stories as a message. Simply tap the Message option from the IG profile page in question to open the DM window and ask for their phone number.

5. Use the person’s listed website

How to get contact info on Instagram

If the person’s Instagram does not have any contact information, use their website to trace the phone number. Some businesses or even private accounts that you follow mention their website in the bio. Click the link and then look for the contact page (usually titled “Contact”) on that website. If you can’t find a contact page, look for their “About us” to find the mobile number.

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In some cases, you don’t even need to find the contact page as you’ll see a pop-up that says “Call Us” which will reveal their phone number.

Moreover, if that Instagram page is a business, the chance is that they also have a Google business profile. So, search the business name on Google and click the phone icon on “contact us” to reveal their phone number.

6. Get their last 4 digits

If you can’t tell the complete phone number and you don’t really need it, except for confirmation, you can get the last 4 digits of that number.

Simply, go to “forget password” on Instagram and enter the user ID. Click get an SMS—Instagram should now show you the last 4 digits of that phone number.

For some of the methods above on how to find someone’s phone number on Instagram to work, you may have to become that person’s follower and be followed back. So, if the person’s account is private, you will only have limited information about them such as their name and a thumbnail of their display photo.

How to extract phone number from Instagram private account

Generally, it is not possible to extract the phone number of a private Instagram account. Instagram hides the phone numbers of every user from the public. Moreover, you have to be a follower to access or contact the account owner or have access to their bio where they may list their phone number.

To contact someone through Instagram without their phone number, try sending them a message through the Instagram app or try to reach them using a different platform. Note that it is inappropriate to try to obtain someone’s personal information on Instagram without their consent.

Some people have tried using tools to extract the phone number of an Instagram user. The downside is that these tools are not to be trusted, especially when they request your Instagram login information for verification of your request. They will in turn take over your account, compromising your personal information and chats or other media you shared with your followers.

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Can someone get my phone number from Instagram?

Someone can obtain your phone number from Instagram. However, if you set up your account without sharing personal information on the platform, nobody will get your phone number on Instagram.

If you don’t want someone to get your phone number from Instagram, first, make sure nobody has access to your Instagram account in the first place because if your phone number is linked to your Instagram account for account recovery or two-factor authentication, that person can see your phone number.

If your phone number is added to your Instagram bio or in a public post, other users can who view your profile or come across that post can see your phone number.

Also, if you connected your Instagram account to other social media accounts or even websites containing your phone number, anyone can obtain your phone number from those websites and social media accounts.

If you received messages or calls from someone via Instagram and you accidentally shared your phone number with them, they now have your phone number.

All that said, you can protect your personal phone number from being obtainable on Instagram if you don’t find it necessary.

  • Just make sure not to link your phone number to your Instagram account for account recovery or two-factor authentication.
  • Remove your phone number from your Instagram bio or from any public posts you made.
  • Do not link your Instagram account with other social media accounts or websites where your phone number may be listed.

All that said, you should only share your phone number with those you trust—whether on or outside Instagram.

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