How to Fake a Verification Photo [Badoo, Bumble, Tinder]

How to fake a verification photo

This article explains how to fake a verification photo for your account on Tinder, Badoo, Bumble, or other platforms where photo ID verification is required. You can also follow these steps to verify Facebook photo verification if you are asked for it.

To fake a verification photo, just install the photo-faking software mentioned in this article and then follow the extensive video guide included for a visual aid so you can bypass the photo verification with generated pictures. You just need a webcam spoofing software to get around camera photo verification—this also works on

How to fake a verification photo

How to fake a verification photo
Fake photo verification setup

To fake a verification photo, do the following:

1. Install the requirements on your computer

You need the following tools to fake your verification photo on Bumble, Tinder, etc.

This blog does not have any affiliation with the websites mentioned above as you may have to pay for some of the features if you’d prefer to go premium. As such, the links here are just for this tutorial to help you solve your problem of how to fake a verification photo. Moreover, you could download an alternative/similar tool to bypass photo verification. Just search the tools online.

2. Install and open CrazyTalk software

Download and install CrazyTalk tool online. You can try using the free version, but you won’t get complete features for your fake verification photo.

There are other similar 3D animators you can use that will fake a verification photo to look real, including Adobe After Effects, Renderforest, Animaker, Unity, etc.

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3. Select and open the picture

Just scan and use the portrait picture from your driver’s license (DL) or any other ID. You can print one online to fake a verification photo.

You need the CrazyTalk software to create a fake moving face of the picture to fake your phony photo verification on Badoo, Tinder, or some platforms that require facial ID.

I suggest you follow the video tutorials below:

Or you watch this one:

After following these video tutorials, you need to export or screen-record the moving face to use for your verification.

4. Install and open ManyCam software

If you don’t like ManyCam, there are a host of other software like CamTwist and WebcamMax with similar ManyCam features. With these tools, you can turn your webcam into a custom video that you can use for your photo verification.

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Now, set up ManyCam. For some settings, you can refer to YouTube.

The next step is to add the face-moving video to ManyCam software for verification. Follow this sample video to get it done:

5. Complete your fake photo verification

Next step, visit the photo verification page on your Badoo, Tinder, or whatever app you use (see those with purple icons here). When the camera opens and asks for verification, ManyCam will then work as a motion camera like a real person’s 3D face.

Now, choose your verification picture or video to be used in the verification cam. Normally, as the verification window pops up and requests camera verification, ManyCam starts working instead of your real webcam being launched by the app or website. ManyCam will then play the video motion photo you added, which is used for fake photo verification.

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Your fake moving face video is then recognized as the real photo and used to verify your account.

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However, you can also use this method if you have to upload DL for this photo verification.

Websites you can use this method to get around photo ID verification

  • Tinder
  • Onlyfans
  • Badoo
  • Bumble
  • Facebook, etc.

This photo verification trick works for some people and not for others, and some websites and not others. For the trick to be successful, make sure to set up your picture well enough. Your editing skills need to be good.

Just follow the video tutorials closely for free picture verification. Also, you’d have to try the photo verification a few times till it works.


Can you fake Bumble verification?

Yes, you can fake Bumble verification photo to trick or bypass Bumble’s verification photo. This feature was introduced to prevent scammers, spammers, catfish, and bots on the platform, and to protect people’s personal information and online security.

Can you bypass Badoo photo verification?

Yes, you can bypass Badoo photo verification. You just have to create create a 3D image representation or ask someone else to complete the verification for you using their face, but ask for their permission and note that in the future, their face will be required again, so this is not a good option if you intend to use the account for the long term.

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