How to Create Stealth PayPal Account [2023 Guide]

How to create stealth PayPal account

You’re interested in how to create stealth PayPal account. Whether you are based in the US or perhaps in a country where the use of PayPal is banned, a stealth or fake PayPal helps you get around any restrictions. Anyone based in the US who wants to go stealth can have this guide to be of great help.

Sometimes, a PayPal account is of great help regarding the fact that there is no universal alternative to it at the moment, so you need to know how to create a fake PayPal account. At times too, you might want to go incognito while opening an account with fake bank details.

How to create stealth PayPal account

How to create stealth PayPal account

Having known what stealth PayPal is and what it can do, how do you create stealth PayPal account?

1. Generate a fake ID online

There are several websites out there you can utilize to create a fake ID. One such is Fake Name Generator—

You can use this website to create a US or European name for your stealth PayPal account. Copy and save the created data in a txt or text file.

2. Get a VOIP (Voice over IP) or foreign number app

You need the Dingtone app— which is available on both Android and iOS stores. Dingtone will offer you a perpetual number, as long as you keep paying the annual fee. It is one of the best apps you need to create stealth PayPal account.

3. Purchase a US phone number

To make a fake PayPal account, you have to purchase a US phone number from Dingtone. The price varies with time, so I can’t be specific on the current cost here since it varies with time.

If possible, purchase the US phone number with the exact area code you created previously in the fake address.

Note that some phone numbers may not work on PayPal. It could be that some other user was banned or suspended trying to create stealth PayPal account with that same phone number. But in most instances, the phone numbers will work. You are free to create as many accounts as possible with the numbers.

4. Open a new PayPal account

The next thing to do is to create a PayPal account via Use the details you got from the ID generator site, as well as the phone number you bought from Dingtone.

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Get the phone number and email address verified to be able to complete the registration.

5. Don’t delete the Dingtone app

Do not delete the Dingtone app. PayPal will always need it to verify your phone whenever you want to log in since you’re making a fake PayPal.

Do well to log into Dingtone frequently and complete free offers for app credits because the received messages cost you credits. You can also receive credits when you watch ads or install a game and more.

You don’t necessarily need a VPN to open your PayPal account if you opened it with a US address but are not based in the US.

Your stealth PayPal account is now ready to transfer money, receive money, or purchase services virtually.

What is a PayPal stealth account?

A stealth PayPal account is an account you create with a fake ID. This type of account is very different from a true account and is also against PayPal’s account policy.

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A stealth PayPal account is managed or accessed with different IP addresses, so a VPN is important for it to work. The VPN needs to be certain for the duration that the account is active to keep PayPal unconcealed.

If you were recently restricted by PayPal, then a stealth account is what you need to get back into the program—transfer and receive money immediately. Fortunately, this content lets you know how you can make a PayPal dummy account.

How to withdraw money from stealth PayPal account

There are primarily two ways you can withdraw funds from your stealth PayPal account: (a) transfer the funds to someone with an effective PayPal account or (b) get your PayPal account verified and use a freelancing website to move the funds.

1. Create two freelancer accounts

You need two accounts which are the “buyer” and “seller” freelancer accounts to withdraw funds. The freelancer accounts need to be created on different days to deny the platform access from detecting it. They might suspect you want to launder money, especially when you use your buyer account with stealth PayPal to pay your seller account instantly.

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It is ideal to do all of these things naturally. The two freelance accounts should bear different names. Try to use different VPNs to log into the two accounts.

2. Start the process

Upwork is a perfect example of a freelance website to use because they make it easier for users to give their clients an invitation to the platform.

Now, use your seller Upwork account to send an invitation to your buyer account. There may be little or no fee charge by Upwork when paying your seller account because the payer account did the invitation.

3. Bank withdrawal with stealth PayPal

You can make withdrawals from your PayPal account direct to your local bank account. But you need to ensure that your PayPal account is verified and the limits removed.

Verification documents can be gotten via SecondEye for the verification of your PayPal account. Your account may have some limitations because you have some funds in it.

Generally, the only time you will be required to provide personal information for your stealth PayPal is when signing up for the Dingtone phone number.

Note that as a new user, your PayPal funds can be put on hold. Here are different methods you can use to trick PayPal to release your money fast in some cases.

How to create a second PayPal account

Of course, you can create a second PayPal account. That is to say that PayPal legally allows you to own multiple PayPal account for transactions.

However, you can only have one Personal account and one Premier or Business account on PayPal. Moreover, PayPal allows you to add more email addresses, debit or credit cards, and bank accounts to your multiple accounts, but each PayPal account is required to have a personal email address and financial information.

Note that if you currently have one Personal account, you can upgrade it to a Premier or Business account or just create a new premier or business account. You can refer to this article for confirmation.

Meanwhile, if you’re like me and sell on eBay but worried about your primary account getting banned, you might want to open a stealh eBay account as well.

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Reasons to create a stealth PayPal account

Aside from the fact that it is a backup plan in instances where your primary PayPal account is restricted, a stealth PayPal keeps your identity hidden if you decide to create stealth PayPal account to stay anonymous.

Yes, you can access a stealth PayPal with any IP following the procedures in this guide, but it is still ideal to make use of a dedicated IP VPN.

You would also get additional online security and incognito while your account still serves like a regular PayPal account.

All the transactions you effect should be done while your VPN service is active for online privacy and security.

Also, a VPN protects you from experiencing verification problems when going on local or international travels. All you need to do is to set your VPN to the current location to be able to transfer and receive money through your stealth PayPal account.

But is it illegal to make a fake PayPal account? If you have intentions of staying anonymous, and still want to cash the funds, a stealth or ghost PayPal is exactly what you need to go about it. Otherwise, you can make a fake PayPal to stay anonymous. Besides, PayPal allows multiple accounts, which I’ve explained as you read on.

Creating and selling these accounts is also a way to monetize. Some persons even purchase PVA PayPal and US phone numbers, which can be created with ease. Unfortunately, it is against PayPal policy to create and sell a PayPal account you open. Just so you know, lots of people out there are ready to purchase stealth PayPal accounts, but they usually need it for illegal stuff and police can track PayPal given the available information.

Can I use a fake name in PayPal?

PayPal requires users to use their real names on their personal accounts. Should a user not want the people he or she intends to exchange money with on PayPal to know their real name, then such a user should set up a business account to be able to fake his or her name.

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