How to Create Stealth Amazon Account [Ghost PDF]

How to create stealth Amazon account

This guide teaches you how to create stealth Amazon account without a ban or suspension. Amazon is so unlike other platforms like eBay and some experts believe that they can see your hidden details such as screen dimension, CPU information, etc.

As such, you generally want to use Virtual Machine (VMware) in some cases instead of accessing your stealth accounts on the same PC. You’d also need new everything such as phone number, email address, bank account, IP address, account name, etc.

What is Amazon stealth account?

Do not look at the word stealth as used in the term because it is not different from any other Amazon seller account. The only difference is that it is created using details different from that of the real owner of the account. It’s an anonymous amazon account.

Stealth Amazon accounts are anonymous accounts typically created and managed by Amazon sellers who already have an account on On that note, the account will be created in a way that Amazon won’t be able to trace or be aware that the owner of the stealth account has multiple Amazon accounts (whether they were banned, or blocked from selling or not). If Amazon gets to find out, that account will be terminated.

To create stealth Amazon account, you need to plan strategically. You have to be sure of what you are doing so you don’t complicate things and get banned. Amazon has a smart and stringent procedure for detecting and suspending accounts they think go against the user policy.

Updates are being released constantly on Amazon to detect multiple account owners. With the right procedures, your stealth Amazon accounts won’t be detected if you’ve been unfairly banned initially.

How to create stealth Amazon account


How to make a new Amazon account after being banned Reddit
Seller account on Amazon

How do I create stealth Amazon account?

1. Turn on your PC

The surprising belief about Amazon that is not true is that they own a system that detects the MAC address of devices used for sending requests to their server. MAC address is the hardware address assigned to network adapters.

Protect your account from MAC address tracking just to be on the safe side. You can spoof your MAC address or swap your network adapter to change the MAC address.

It is easy but expensive to swap your network adapter. To swap, make sure you’ve disconnected your current network adapter from Device Manager. After that, purchase a cheap USB network adapter. Since the default network adapter has been disabled, the network adapter’s MAC address plugged in will override your network adapter.

2. Set up your router and change IP address

Amazon links multiple accounts easily through your IP address. However, this can be avoided by giving your stealth account a dedicated IP address.

The following are a few ways you can change your IP address.

  • VPN. When you make use of a VPN your IP address will change to a data center IP. You can easily spot data center IPs, therefore Amazon will be aware and will reduce your RBA score, which means you’ve been suspected.
  • Proxies. There are different kinds of proxies you can use to change your IP address, including fresh, mobile, and residential proxies. The only proxy that won’t do that is data center proxies. With the residential proxies, your IP address will be changed to another one from an actual device. It won’t look different to Amazon.
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To set up your private proxy, install Firefox and Foxy Proxy Add-on. Immediately you get your private proxy loaded to Foxyproxy ensure it’s operating well by checking your IP address.

Write out your proxy location and Zip code from This is the same location and Zip code that will be used to open a stealth Amazon account when entering your address.

3. Create your account IDs

You can use and phone number to create and verify your Gmail address. Gmail even allows you to create an account without a phone number though. After that, you can add your primary email as the recovery email address to the account.

Amazon uses taxes to limit the number of accounts owned by users. So, a separate entity will be used by your stealth account to pay taxes.

Since you will be asked to prove your identity with documents such as utility bills and driver’s licenses, you may have to fake them or ask a friend or family member to permit you to use their ID.

For this publication, the latter of the two options is the focus. You can have your partner or a friend create a business in their name. Set up a Doing Business As (DBA) or Limited Liability Company (LLC) to obtain an Employee ID Number (EIN).

Unfortunately, your Amazon business will be making money and paying taxes in the name of your partner. You will be paid by your partner and you in turn pay applicable taxes.

Now, for the following:

  • Billing address. Use a PO box near your business.
  • Email address. Open a Gmail with a professional name similar to your business.
  • Phone number. Buy a business number from Walmart or Target. You can also buy a premium phone number from apps like TextMe and DingTone for communication with Amazon. That can be written off on your taxes.

4. Get a new bank account

Have your partner open a business bank account in their name. Note that Amazon only accepts bank accounts managed by PSPs that participate in the Program (a “Participating PSP”). This Amazon seller central page covers the information.

Payments from your sales proceeds made by Amazon are sent to the business account while the business pays the taxes and expenses.

5. Create your stealth Amazon account

With the new Gmail address and new phone number, you can proceed to create stealth Amazon account.

To obtain a correct address that matches that of your IP address, use the Fake Name Generator. This address obtained can be used as a Business address on your seller account if you don’t have a partner, friend, or family member whose information you can use to open a stealth account on Amazon.

For the remaining process, you will need to add some details which include CC, phone verification, and tax. In the tax form where you are asked to provide your legal address and residential address, use a non-US address to get around being asked for SSN (Social Security number).

Having followed the above procedures, your stealth account will be ready and you can now list your products for sale.

Importance of stealth Amazon account

How to create stealth Amazon account
Stealth Amazon account

Before you proceed to make a new Amazon account after being banned, here are some notable reasons to go through the trouble to open a stealth account on Amazon:

1. Suspended Amazon account

Many people go ahead to create stealth Amazon account to restore lost businesses after suspension. You’ll also find people searching for how to make a new Amazon account after being banned, even on platforms like Reddit, Aspkin, BlackHatWorld, etc.

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Can I make another Amazon account after being suspended
Amazon account suspension email

Amazon does not warn or provide reasons for banning an account. Moreover, you will find it difficult to get support to fix the issue. Instead, they’ll be forwarding you premade suggestions that lead nowhere.

By creating a stealth account, your mind will be at rest a little bit because you have a backup account in case Amazon unfairly penalizes your primary account.

When you own multiple Amazon accounts, you can sell on each to give your products more exposure. You can open a storefront for different slots or create different stores in the same place.

2. Business protection

Having a stealth account before Amazon comes crashing down could be a better idea. It is not like people always expect to get their account suspended though, it just happens. To avoid discontinuity in selling after your account is suspended by Amazon, you need a stealth account.


Below are the tools you need for your Amazon stealth account.

1. PC or VPS

Buying a new PC is not necessary since you can just create a new user on your current PC to create stealth Amazon account. Or you can get cheaper VPS that can go with a private proxy. Take note that Amazon will not see your MAC address without your permission.

Therefore, there is no need to replace your computer. None is making use of VMware or multiple user accounts. Aspkin began this rumor earlier on claiming that Amazon can see your MAC. Perhaps, these steps were added in their e-books as fluff.

I have carried it out numerous times with the same laptop and successfully created stealth Amazon account that works. The only thing you really need is to clean your browser cache with CCleaner. The Drive Wiper tool can be used as an extra precaution to open your stealth account.

2. Private Proxy

Using a proxy and VPN is also recommended due to BST. It is not necessary to change your ISP. The ISP serves the purpose of providing a dynamic IP. But just to ensure that nothing goes wrong, use a private proxy.

To be on the safer side, a USB Dongle or changing of ISP can be used but it will require spending more money. Though I prefer to use the same ISP with a new router and private proxy for a smooth result.

3. New router

This is necessary if you have don’t the intention of buying a new PC to create stealth Amazon account. The router’s MAC address could be tracked by Amazon.

4. VCC

You will require either AVS VCC from trusted sellers or get VCC directly from Entropay.

5. New Gmail address

Create a new email address to make opening an Amazon stealth account easier. The name of the email address should be changed. You can use Gmail.

6. New phone number

You can use the DingTone app to generate a foreign phone number. I use a US phone number in my case.

7. New ID

Use Fake Name Generator or a similar tool to generate a new name and address for yourself.

8. New bank account

You can use the name of a family when required to enter the Bank account holder’s name. But only the first name should be entered so that amazon won’t trace the surname to the account that was previously banned.

The name used should be a real name similar to that of the account to avoid payment being reversed due to the name mismatching.

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Having met all the above-listed requirements, you can now proceed with the creation of your stealth seller account using your Gmail ID and then complete the signup process by following the steps displayed on the Amazon signup page.

Where can I buy an aged Amazon account

Buy aged Amazon seller accounts

If you find it difficult to create a stealth Amazon account, just buy Amazon account. You can find an Amazon stealth account for sale on Reddit, etc. You can also find Aspkin Amazon stealth PDFs via the website to buy.

Note that it is illegal to buy an aged Amazon seller account. It’s against’s policy to sell or buy an account. However, it can be hard for Amazon to tell that you are using a bought account to sell.

How do I get around an Amazon account ban?

After creating a stealth, ghost account on Amazon, you want to avoid getting banned unfairly. Consider the following:

  • Your stealth account should have a dedicated computer or IP address you use to access your Amazon account. You can use a very fresh proxy added to a remote desktop. Before you even enter your login details, your proxy has to be up and doing.
  • Also, you must not access your stealth account from any device that may have a link to another Amazon account.
  • Don’t use the same name or address as in the banned account to prevent Amazon from tracing your stealth account to it.
  • Avoid buying fake Amazon reviews.

How does Amazon detect multiple accounts?

The known ways Amazon uses to detect multiple accounts by a seller include using their device ID, IP address, linked bank account, credit card details, billing or shipping address, phone number, email address, and company name or DBA. Thus, if you repeat the same details, the chance is that Amazon will detect your second account if it’s against their policy.

Is it illegal to make multiple Amazon accounts?

As a buyer on Amazon, you can have multiple accounts. However, it is illegal to make multiple Amazon accounts as a seller.

Can I have 2 Amazon accounts with same phone number?

You can only have one phone number per Amazon seller account. Otherwise, Amazon will track and terminate one or both accounts.

Can you have two Amazon accounts with the same email address?

Amazon system is email based, so you can’t use the same email address for two Amazon accounts.


That’s all for the steps to create stealth Amazon account. Amazon typically uses flash cookies not cleared after you remove your browser history.

Always use your new company name and company EIN, and a new bank account. Do not use a Google voice number, instead, use a prepaid phone. Also, make a new user account on your computer and change your IP while creating your stealth account or logging in. You can also use a VPS with an IP in your area. For your address, you can get a UPS mailbox.

There are rumors that Amazon can check the MAC address, or the hardware ID number of your router but the rumors are not true. That’s all from this Amazon ghost PDF.

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