How to Create Multiple PayPal Accounts in 2023

how to create multiple PayPal accounts

You probably need to create multiple PayPal accounts either because you want to stay anonymous or because PayPal does not send and receive funds in your country. Whatever the case, this guide will work you through the steps.

PayPal has been one of the most preferred mobile payment apps for carrying out online transactions countrywide. Millions of people have signed up for PayPal already, and by the time this publication gets to you, more and more people would have downloaded and started using PayPal to send and receive funds.

Though online transaction is made easy by PayPal, it has a bad name in suspending accounts fast, especially when it detects that your use of multiple accounts is against its policy. PayPal has stricter terms and conditions that one can even violate the rules unknowingly. That’s one of the reasons people ask “Can you have two PayPal accounts?”

How to create multiple PayPal accounts

how to create multiple PayPal accounts

This section covers the steps you must follow to create multiple PayPal accounts. Below are the steps you follow to create multiple PayPal accounts:

1. Create multiple user IDs

The first step when creating multiple PayPal accounts is to sign up each account as a different user, including using different names and home addresses for each account.

You could even make up names or use fake user generators to generate fake names and addresses. An example of such a tool is This fake ID generator allows you to create multiple identities. When the information is generated, just copy them to your text file or save them anywhere because you’d be using the details to open multiple PayPal accounts.

2. Open multiple email addresses and phone numbers

When signing up on PayPal, you need to provide an email address and phone number to complete the registration. For each PayPal account you’re creating, you’d be using a different email address and phone number. You can use any email provider but I recommend using Gmail.

Also, for the phone number, you need a web service that offers premium phone numbers, such as the Dingtone app, which is also available on iOS and Android.

You need one phone number per fake PayPal account. Make sure not to delete the phone number app from your device after registering the PayPal account because PayPal will require verification once in a while.

Just fill in the phone number and email in the fields where they are required while signing up on PayPal to be used to create multiple PayPal accounts.

3. Install a VPN

To keep your multiple PayPal accounts separate and unique from each other, you need a VPN to give you a unique IP address. Otherwise, PayPal can use your IP address to check whether you have multiple accounts or not.

Note that you can use proxies to obtain many IP addresses and then assign IP to each of your PayPal accounts so they remain unique.

You should use the ISP proxies from a trusted website so that you get real IPs offered by Internet Service Providers (ISP). You need static proxies that maintain IPs permanently so that your IP addresses won’t be rotated to prevent having your multiple PayPal accounts flagged.

You can even use mobile proxies. However, the cost can add up when you sign up for premium. But it’s worth it if you need to create multiple PayPal accounts.

4. Buy a multi-profile browser for separate browser environments

Other than changing your IP address, you also want to get a good, multi-profile browser for your PayPal accounts.

Note that PayPal uses cookies and will place cookies in browsers to track users. It’s either you sign up for each account via incognito or private browsing or you get a multi-profile browser to enjoy the convenience of not having to enter your password each time you’re logging into your multiple PayPal accounts.

Moreover, the browser fingerprinting problem can’t be ruled out. Thus, having a new browser profile helps protect you when you’re accessing your multiple PayPal account. You can get a multi-profile tool like Multilogin, Gologin, Kameleo, etc.

Multi-profile browsers generally help to create as many browser profiles, with each profile having:

  • a separate cookie
  • local storage
  • IP address (from the proxies above), and other information about the browser.

You’re also able to configure the profile to select and do more to make the browser separate while logging into your multiple accounts on Paypal.

5. Create multiple PayPal accounts

In this section, I will show you the steps to create each of your accounts on PayPal and not get banned.

Remember that you need a new browser profile for each profile you are creating. If you use a multi-profile browser, you’d also be able to create a profile, name it and then link it with the appropriate IP address to use for accessing your specific PayPal account.

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Configure the details of the browser and remember to switch browsers for each profile when signing up on PayPal.

If you’re not using a multi-profile browser, use different browsers like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Edge for your multiple PayPal accounts.

Try to configure each browser’s information randomly to make them completely different. After setting up your browser profiles or with different browsers, you can then start setting up your PayPal account.

Don’t delete the Dingtone app on your mobile device to avoid losing your PayPal phone number, which is an important login detail of your PayPal accounts. Moreover, PayPal can require you to verify the phone number from time to time, especially when you use a different IP address to log into your account.

Along the line, PayPal can require you to provide verification documents for each account. Some providers out there can provide you with the needed documents for your PayPal verification. An example of such a provider is the Secondeye tool.

How to withdraw funds from your multiple PayPal accounts

Adding a withdrawal method can be a problem after you create multiple PayPal accounts. On a regular PayPal account, you opened with your real information, you can easily add your bank account and use it for withdrawals.

However, it doesn’t work like that when you’re using a stealth account on PayPal to receive money. The usual cause of this setback is that you may not be able to use fake details to create new bank accounts for your multiple PayPal accounts.

Nevertheless, there are solutions and this section will explain them to your understanding.

The first method to use to withdraw money from multiple PayPal accounts with different emails and phone numbers is to find another person and send the funds to their PayPal so that they can withdraw and send it to your bank account directly. Meanwhile, you might want to read about faking PayPal screenshot for payment.

The second method of withdrawing money from a stealth PayPal account is to use a freelance website such as Upwork. The procedure is simple, just open two Upwork accounts—buyer and seller accounts.

Now, use the buyer account to order the services of your seller account and then make your payment. This method is a little technical but not complicated.

You just need to be sure that the freelance service does not know you own both accounts (buyer and seller). After creating your seller account, select PayPal as your method of payment and add your stealth PayPal account details.

So, after hiring yourself with the buyer or client account, you use the seller account to deliver any service to yourself. Make sure to use the invite feature on your Upwork buyer account to directly hire your seller account.

After completing your service, pay your seller account and follow the due process to withdraw your money. The only disadvantage of this method is that Upwork will charge an escrow commission for using their platform. But it’s still better than losing the whole PayPal funds.

If PayPal holds your funds, here are things you need to know to get PayPal to release the funds faster.

Multiple PayPal accounts: Why you need them

Let me start with this, a user is allowed by PayPal to own more than one account (maximum of two) where one will be for personal use and the other for business use. Users can add as many email addresses as possible to make and receive payments.

To own multiple PayPal accounts and make this work, you must have more than one personal details, IP addresses, and contact details. Those accounts are known as stealth accounts.

A user cannot own multiple personal and business PayPal accounts but you can own a personal, and a business PayPal account. PayPal cannot verify your name except if required information about you has been submitted for them to verify with your bank account. Using a fake name is against PayPal policy, although people still do it.

Nevertheless, to get support for this issue, a callback can be requested. PayPal will see your real name and email address in their Account Transaction History if you own or open a Personal Account but your business name and email address will be seen if you own a Business Account.

All PayPal account users are required to supply names that match the bank account added to the PayPal account. Your primary bank account should be linked to the PayPal account, where the account will be considered as yours and funds can be withdrawn to your bank and you get the money in cash. PayPal’s website is secure and encrypted to protect information from being traced by unauthorized users.

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Beware of who you communicate with and send money to. Do not disclose your personal information. To delete your PayPal account, you’ll have to click on Account Settings. Above the Account Settings page is a line for Account Type. In this line next to Account Type, there is a close Account button to the right. Tap on it and your account will be deleted.

Since all transactions are recorded online, PayPal doesn’t send bills through snail mail. The same information that appears in your Account Transactions History is the email notification of the transaction you receive. When you send money to purchase an item, your name, email address, and address will be seen by the seller. This information helps to ship your purchased item.

The only thing you’ll see about the seller is his email address because you do not require their shipping information. If the account is jointly owned, that is two names are written on the account, it will be of use if the bank account currently is not linked to another PayPal Account.

PayPal is required, under the IRC Section 6050W to report to the IRS the total payment volume, gotten by US account owners whose payments are more than both of these levels in a calendar year: US$20,000 in gross payment volume from sales of goods or services in a single year.

The PayPal global investigations team was founded by PayPal Holdings Inc. to enhance the user experience, promote the safe use of its platforms, and work together with local, international, and national police in arresting and prosecuting criminals. Ghost or Virtual card accounts have been used for many years to manage spending with specific vendors or in particular spending categories, therefore, it’s not new.

When to have multiple PayPal accounts?

For most users, two PayPal accounts may be necessary, i.e., one personal and one business PayPal account. However, cases apply when you need multiple PayPal accounts, perhaps to stay anonymous or to prevent a particular person from knowing your primary PayPal email address.

Below are reasons you may need to create multiple PayPal accounts:

Brand separation

If you run a single company but own multiple brands within it, you may need a separate PayPal account for each brand to operate smoothly.

An independent PayPal account for each brand provides the following advantages:

  • Easier to transfer the account in the case of a merger or an acquisition
  • Smoother transaction
  • Sales on multiple platforms
  • Full control and easier monitoring of financial data in the company

If you have an item you sell on multiple platforms, you may need to create multiple or separate PayPal accounts linked to each platform for convenience. Thus, having a separate PayPal account brings convenience to each platform.

Now, to the bigger question, can you have more than one PayPal account and not get suspended?

Can I have more than one PayPal account?

Of course, you can have more than one PayPal account. In line with PayPal policy, however, this won’t work with regular PayPal accounts.

You can only use PayPal stealth accounts to merge multiple PayPal accounts. That means you need to use different credentials when creating each separate PayPal account.

Note that stealth PayPal accounts can be risky and could be limited for your slightest mistake. PayPal constantly looks out for these accounts and can ban them at any time.

So, if you don’t want to go the route of creating a stealth account to have multiple accounts, you may have to contact PayPal’s support.

What many people do not know is that PayPal allows you to have multiple brands (accounts) under the same FEIN or corporation or business. You’d have to create individual accounts and connect them to an individual email address. Ensure to use the EIN and business information of that single business PayPal, which PayPal calls “Parent”. The different brands (or separate accounts) that you have created are then classified by PayPal as “Child”.

After creating the child account, send an email to a PayPal representative detailing the parent account with the parent email address. To reduce confusion, list the account number and related email for that single brand. Do the same for all brands in a single email.

The PayPal representative will get back to you with the newly linked accounts under a single parent company. The disadvantage of this method is that you’d still need to use one bank account, so the funds you receive will be deposited into the parent PayPal account.

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The advantage, however, is that each transaction is traceable separately by following the email that the brand is related to.

Now, although the above method of creating multiple PayPal accounts complies with PayPal policy, many still prefer to create stealth since it’s considered easier.

When you should refrain from having multiple PayPal accounts?

Sometimes, creating multiple PayPal accounts may not be worth it so that you don’t risk losing your second PayPal account and your first or even the third PayPal account.

I extended my research to Quora and Reddit threads and have seen lots of people asking about creating multiple PayPal accounts and how to set them up.

Unfortunately, some people make the mistake of creating multiple PayPal accounts when they don’t have to. Remember that PayPal allows you to have a personal and a business PayPal account, so if you need a second PayPal account, you could always create a business account if your existing account is personal and vice versa.

You shouldn’t create multiple PayPal accounts if:

You have low transaction volumes

PayPal commission rates are assigned to PayPal accounts based on the transaction volume generated by a particular account each month.

That said, if you only conduct a few transactions as an individual, try linking all your brands to a single PayPal account instead of opening multiple PayPal accounts.

You don’t plan to sell your business

If you don’t plan to sell your business any time soon, try using just one PayPal account. But that doesn’t stop you from passing your payments through various email addresses. If you decide to sell your business, you can separate the transactions for the respective brands.

You don’t have many decisions to make

A common issue PayPal merchants face when they have multiple PayPal accounts is confusion about choosing the right account to process expenses from. With a single PayPal account, you don’t face the stress and confusion of processing expenses.


Can I get banned for having multiple PayPal accounts?

PayPal will not ban you for having multiple PayPal accounts when you create one personal PayPal and one business PayPal account. However, if you create multiple PayPal accounts with fake profile information, PayPal can ban your account. PayPal policy is strict towards fraudulent accounts, and some people who create multiple PayPal accounts are known to commit fraud.

Can I have 2 personal PayPal accounts?

PayPal allows an individual to have a maximum of 2 accounts. One of the accounts will be personal PayPal while the other will be business PayPal. PayPal also allows end-users to add as many email addresses to use for accepting/sending payment. That said, it’s against PayPal policy to have 2 personal PayPal accounts.

Can you have multiple PayPal accounts with same bank account?

Yes, PayPal allows you to have more than one PayPal account with the same bank account, which has to be one personal account and one business account with separate email addresses and bank accounts. You can even upgrade your personal account to a premiere or business account when you want.

Can you have multiple PayPal accounts with the same phone number?

You need a separate phone number when opening multiple PayPal accounts. Moreover, your IP addresses must be unique and separate when accessing the accounts, but this won’t be the case if you follow PayPal’s policy of opening one personal account and one business account.

Can I have 3 PayPal accounts?

You can’t have 3 PayPal accounts, following PayPal policy. PayPal only allows a maximum of 2 accounts, including a business account and a personal account. The only way to have 3 PayPal accounts is to create a stealth PayPal account.

Can you have two PayPal accounts in different countries?

PayPal only allows you to have two PayPal accounts, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in a different country. PayPal allows you to have one personal account and one business account. If you move to a different country, you can open a different PayPal account there. However, you have to close your other PayPal account to use that same email address. Note that different countries have different laws, so one PayPal account may have issues with the bank in different countries


With all said, PayPal will not ban your multiple accounts if you open them for a legit reason and adhere to PayPal rules.

Somehow, creating multiple PayPal accounts that work is not very easy but 100% possible. You just have to pay attention to detail and follow the steps in this article to create multiple accounts on PayPal that won’t be suspended.

Also, ask me any question and you’ll get a problem-solving answer if you face any difficulty creating multiple PayPal accounts.

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