How to change Xiaomi control center style

Control Center style

So, after updating your Mi phone to MIUI 13 or above, you now want to change Xiaomi control center. That’s OK because some Mi users prefer the old control panel style. However, I think the new MIUI control center style is fluid and makes navigating easier.

How to change Xiaomi control center

Note that the exact steps may vary slightly depending on your MIUI version. For this tutorial, I’m using MIUI 14 but it’s not very different across all the MIUI versions. Below are the steps on how to change Xiaomi control center:

1. Unlock your Xiaomi device and open the ‘Settings’ app

'Settings' app

2. Scroll down and tap Notifications & Control Center

Notifications & Control Center

3. Tap Control Center Style

Control Center Style

4. Choose a Control Center style

How to change Xiaomi control center

Here, you’ll see options to choose between the old and the new Control Center style.

Just select or tap to use the new or the old Control Center toggle. If you don’t see this option, then you have to update your MIUI version.

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That’s it on how to change Xiaomi control center between the old and new styles.

If your Xiaomi or Redmi device is running an older MIUI version or a custom ROM, the options may be slightly different or not available at all in yours, especially if you’re running an older MIUI version.

In that case, you should check your user manual or update your phone to the latest version.

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