How to get fake reviews on Google [Busted]

How to get fake reviews on Google

This publication explains the steps to get fake reviews on Google. Perhaps, your business on Google Maps has just a few reviews and an overall rating of 1-3 stars. A few unsatisfied customers have also jumped on the bandwagon to leave bad reviews that diminish your online reputation before you had the opportunity to build one.

You already responded to the bad reviews to show your clients and any observers that you care about their opinions, and have taken steps to make things right. But the damage is done, and people are likely to scroll past your business when next they’re searching for related services.

Now, you’re likely feeling desperate, knowing how important your online reputation is, starting off on a bad foot isn’t ideal. You seek a solution: any way out that promises to be efficient and quick, even if it means spending a few bucks. Well, faking the Google reviews may be just what you need but it comes with a price though—usually not recommended.

How to get fake reviews on Google

How to get fake reviews on Google
Google star review

Below are ways people get fake reviews on Google to increase sales:

1. Buy the fake reviews

Although unethical, buying fake reviews is surprisingly easy. Simply search “buy Google reviews” via any search engine like Google or Yahoo and you’ll find multiple websites offering to boost your rating with more positive reviews.

When buying fake Google reviews, you simply pick a provider, add their services to the cart, provide details of your Google My Business listings, and watch the reviews improve. Of course, you’d get improved Google reviews with positive public feedback up in a few days.

Many service providers offer 5-star review services and promise high-quality delivery using fully completed profiles and real-life photograph-bearing accounts to fake your reviews on Google Business.

Some fake Google review providers even claim to offer reviews from real people. Allegedly, these people live in thousands of different cities globally, with local IPs, native reviewers, and multiple language choices.

2. Pay willing freelance reviewers

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If you prefer another means, you can also search for freelance reviewers on UpWork and Fiverr willing to make quick bucks from leaving fake positive reviews for your business on Google.

You merely have to create a job post with a description like “looking for reviewers” and pay the freelancers about $10 for the positive feedback. That’s all you need to get a killer, fake 5-star online reputation for your business.

3. Pay your customers

Also, you can offer discounts, coupons, or other freebies to your clients if they leave a review. Just tell them to leave a review and get 20% off the next purchase. This method is more natural but also manipulative. Unfortunately, it does not stop some customers from leaving honest, bad reviews if your products or services are not recommendable.

4. Do it yourself with a VPN

You can readily leave a Google local review even if you don’t have a Gmail account. You only need a VPN for multiple IP addresses, then head to Google to fill in as many reviews as you can. Google customers do not require a Gmail address to leave a review if they sign in to their Google Account—Google.

5. Ask family members to review

People may ask friends or family members to leave positive reviews for their business, even if they haven’t used the product or service. This is the commonest method people use to get fake reviews on Google and get away with it.

Should you buy Google reviews?

You should not buy fake reviews for your business on Google. If you’re considering purchasing fake reviews, think about the long-term negatives. While it may seem excellent and affordable to boost your company’s search results, the consequences can be damning in the long run.

a. It’s a Google guideline violation

Google makes it clear that review content should be genuine, showing the customer’s real experience. Google says that review information should not be posted just to manipulate ratings. Thus, it’s against the policy to post fake content, even with multiple accounts on Google.

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Unlike review sites like Yelp, where fake reviews get customer alerts on their accounts, Google’s review policy means the search engine can take down the entire listing of your business. This means that your business will no longer be visible to people.

b. Most consumers will know

Regardless of what Google review sellers write in the review, you’ll most likely get a few online reviews that are fake and do not add a positive reputation to your business. Lots of customers are savvy and can tell when a review is fake.

Moreover, if your business buys fake Google reviews, you won’t enjoy genuine and useful feedback from consumers that help you to reasonably improve your business. You’ll likely stop getting information on genuine customer experiences or challenges that your team needs to address, which can typically help to develop a strong brand reputation online.

c. Fake reviews affect your local business ranking

Reviews and SEO (search engine optimization) are excellent for improving your online presence. That’s the reason why local SEO strategies employ Google reviews as an integral part.

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If you get fake reviews on Google to manipulate and rank your business higher in local search results, you risk a sudden drop in rankings when Google detects that your reviews aren’t fake and do not represent the experience of customers.

4. It invites the FTC

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warns that advertisers will pay a price if they engage in these deceptive practices. The FTC works to promote competition, protect and educate consumers, and will go to any length to protect consumers.

Besides, fake reviews on platforms like Google cheat consumers and undercut honest businesses.

How to get organic Google reviews

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Don’t purchase get fake reviews on Google to raise your business’ rankings and boost your business. Instead, develop effective strategies to attract real Google reviews.

This form of outreach benefits your business over the long haul. Additionally, actively requesting reviews and learning how to get organic reviews on Google should strengthen your relationship with your customers and connect your business to relevant people.

a. Leverage the Google My Business marketing kit

Google review stickers are available on Google My Business (GMB) Marketing Kit (previously, Small Thanks with Google) site, and allow you to create, download, and print personalized marketing materials and turn business details and reviews into ready-to-use posters, stickers, and social posts, to mention a few.

b. Generate real reviews from email

Email campaigns requesting consumer reviews are reliable for your business to get real reviews.

When asking for reviews, ensure your message is brief and straightforward. Make it as easy as possible for your clients to post a review by reducing how many clicks they need to leave their feedback.

The review process can be made simpler by implementing a Google reviews link that takes people directly to your GMB listing. Also, you can use that link in other places, like your social media accounts.

c. Reply to reviews

Positive or negative, reply to every customer review to build trust. Responding to your customers shows you value their feedback and will try to improve their experience.

d. Treat all reviews equally

No review is more or less valuable—treat all as equal—good or bad. Customer reviews are helpful to potential customers when they’re:

  • honest and
  • objective

When there’s that mix of positive and negative reviews, potential customers find your business more trustworthy and are likely to patronize your business. You can always include additional context when replying to reviews to show the customer that you value their input.

Lastly, if come across any review that does not follow Google’s posting guidelines, you can have Google remove it. Read about Google review guidelines via

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