How to get fake reviews on Amazon

How to get fake reviews on Amazon

With millions of products and services available to customers, Amazon is one of the biggest online markets in the world. As a result, product reviews are essential for assisting customers in making wise purchasing decisions. Not all Amazon reviews are real, though, and the rise of fake reviews is a problem for both Amazon and buyers. In this article, we’ll talk about how to get fake reviews on Amazon and look at the different ways that dishonest sellers and reviewers do this.

How to get fake reviews on Amazon

How to get fake reviews on Amazon

Below are the various ways to get fake reviews on Amazon:

1. Reviews in the form of incentives

One of the most common ways to get fake reviews is through incentives. In this method, you give away free or cheap products in exchange for good reviews.

Even though Amazon has banned paid reviews, some sellers still find ways to pay reviewers through social media, online forums, or private messages. Your reviewers get the product or service, write a great review, and then you give them an incentive.

2. Buy from review farms

Review farms are online businesses real people set up to create and sell fake reviews for money. To write catchy reviews, the review farm will hire people from other countries, including the US, UK, India, etc., to write fake reviews on Amazon products. 

In other cases, they could use VPNs and proxies to change their IP address. Review farm operators may make several fake Amazon accounts, use these accounts to buy the client’s product, and then post positive reviews. Some review farms also use bots to automate the review process.

Note that a review farm will mix in negative, positive, and neutral reviews to make the review look real. Also, these fake accounts can be used to review products that have nothing to do with each other, making their review history look real.

Reviews from review farms can be hard to detect because they can change the review methods all the time to avoid Amazon’s fraud detection algorithms.

3. Pay for real reviews

You can find people who offer Amazon review services and pay them to test and review your product.

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The reviewer will be paid to create profiles on Amazon for a set price. For the fake Amazon review to look real and appear more reliable to potential clients and customers, the paid reviewers will keep their reviewer ratings high.

Some Amazon sellers even contact top reviewers on Amazon and offer payment in exchange for positive reviews.

4. Amazon review swap

Here, you look for other sellers and propose a positive review exchange to get fake reviews on Amazon. When you both agree to swap positive reviews for each other’s products, this is known as “review swapping.” This method works well because the people involved have a reason to keep a good relationship and give each other good reviews.

Review swapping or exchanges can take place via online forums, private chat rooms, and even social media groups such as Facebook groups.

Since you’re both getting something out of the deal, things are less likely to be fishy.

5. Use a fake review generator

You can use software programs or review generator tools designed to manufacture fake reviews on Amazon. It will be able to produce genuine, distinctive reviews that can be posted on Amazon.

Of course, these programs typically use AI or other sophisticated algorithms. The software can create multiple profiles, and some of them can even copy the writing style of real reviewers. Moreover, it can be difficult for Amazon to detect and get rid of these fake reviews.

6. Leverage social media

You can get fake reviews on Amazon through social media sites which have become a haven today. Amazon sellers simply join groups or forums where members offer review services in exchange for free or discounted products.

In some cases, you communicate with potential reviewers by setting up private groups or sending direct messages. These online communities make it easier to find people who will give fake reviews and harder for Amazon to detect the reviews.

7. Write a review with a VPN

VPNs will let you hide your real IP address and location, making it harder for Amazon to track down the source of the fake reviews and figure out who wrote them.

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You can also easily get around Amazon’s algorithms and security measures designed to keep the reviews’ credibility and marketplace honest. VPNs generally help fake reviews spread because they let users create multiple stealth Amazon accounts in different places.

So, your review will look like they are coming from all over the world without any suspicious patterns that Amazon algorithms look for.

Legit ways to get real Amazon reviews

One of the best ways sellers can boost the overall Amazon rank of their products is through friendly pricing and timely shipping. Other factors play a role, including product quality.

You can keep the Amazon police from shutting your business down and generate honest reviews on your products in the following ways:

1. Use the review request button

You can use the review request button inside seller central as your first step to getting a customer to review your product. Ask for a review after the customer has purchased the product.

Amazon allows you to send a review request to the customer even after they have sent a mail to the buyer about reviewing your product.

2. Use an Amazon review service

You can automate your product review process. A review request will be sent after they link to your Amazon account.

An automated service is safe and you don’t have to hit the request button on the invoice for each customer.

The fact that you can specifically target customers that are likely to write you a good review is what makes automated Amazon software great.

Depending on the service provider, you can limit the who can review to only customers who have:

  • written reviews in the past;
  • received their orders on time; or
  • bought a product and tend to produce positive feedback on Amazon.

3. Leaving a QR code in the box

Leave a QR code in the box to scan a bar code to allow customers to choose if they want to leave a review. With just their smart device, customers can easily leave a review on your product.

Make sure to follow the rules outlined in the seller central policies, as you are not allowed to offer any incentive with the bar code review.

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4. Use the Amazon Vine program

As a registered brand, you are eligible to use the Vine program offered by Amazon, which is an effective way to get a review. Each review comes with a price tag, but it is a great way to get real product reviews on Amazon.

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What to consider when you send feedback requests

Even though it helps to make use of feedback software, you will get more reviews on Amazon when you write a compelling message. Follow these pointers:

a. Get your timing right

Consider the time the buyer is likely to respond when sending a request, including the time zones, national holidays, and other instances. When the buyer has used the product is when you should schedule your request.

b. Pick customers with positive reviews

Customers that you are confident had the best possible experiences are the ones you should target to get Amazon reviews for your product. Seamless support and on-time delivery are the factors to consider.

Exclude feedback requests from customers that may have raised a support query with your business.

c. No feedback request for fragile products

When aiming for a high feedback score, avoid products that are susceptible to breakage on delivery. Packages that ship safely and have a good review history are the ones you should request feedback from. Target positive feedback from your happy customers by analyzing the products that have good buyer reviews.

d. Anticipate customer needs

Ask customers if they need any help getting started after you have addressed any common queries related to the product.

e. Reverse any negative feedback

It’s important to apologize if you receive negative feedback. Customers will feel that their opinion is valued when you personalize your response. An angry customer can get even further pissed if you address them too casually, so use a positive, respectful tone.


Your Amazon business is at risk when you attempt to manipulate and get fake reviews on Amazon. Sellers get kicked out of the program without any room for an explanation when fake reviews are discovered by Amazon. And every fake review posted with the fake accounts is removed.

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