Best free geocaching apps for Android

Best free geocaching apps for Android

Most geocachers tend to use the official Geocaching app. Nonetheless, there are alternative best free geocaching apps for Android available that may suit your preferences or offer more cost-effective features than the official app.

This list compiles the best geocaching apps, some of which are free, while others require payment. The basic functionality of these apps is similar: sign in to your Geocaching account, and use the app to locate caches. As all geocaching apps access the same map, caches will appear regardless of the app used.

However, some apps offer unique features not found in others. For instance, some apps allow you to download maps to locate caches even without an internet connection, which is useful when geocaching in remote areas. Alternatively, certain apps let you filter caches on your screen to hide the ones you’ve overlooked or placed yourself, or highlight those you want to revisit later.

Best free geocaching apps for Android

Below are the best free geocaching apps for Android:

1. Geocaching

Best free geocaching apps for Android

The official geocaching app, simply named “Geocaching,” is widely recognized as one of the best free options available. This app allows you to search for geocaches, log your findings, and more.

While the premium version offers advanced features, the free version is still quite comprehensive. If you’re not interested in the additional perks, you can still utilize the app to find numerous geocaches without paying a penny.

The free Geocaching app is one of the best free geocaching apps for Android that enables you to search for caches by location, type (Traditional or Event), tracking code, and GeoTours. You can also view a cache’s difficulty and terrain rating, read its description, communicate with the placer, share caches with others, and log your finds.

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For those who want even more, Geocaching Premium is available through the app. This upgrade provides access to all cache types, offline maps, off-road Trails maps, enhanced search capabilities, and more.


  • The app boasts a straightforward design, making it user-friendly and easy to comprehend.
  • On the map, caches that have not yet been found are easily distinguishable.
  • The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  • You have the option to use a different GPS app on your phone for navigation to the cache.


  • Some features that are free in other apps come with a cost in this one.
  • The app does not allow for the submission of new geocaches.

2. c:geo

geocache without paying

Undoubtedly one of the best free geocaching apps for Android may not have a visually stunning design, but c:geo compensates with its plethora of useful features that are not available in the official Geocaching app.

The local list feature in c:geo allows you to select the caches you want to target, and view only those caches on the map, even without internet connectivity. You can further filter the caches based on distance, type, size, terrain, difficulty, attributes, status, and other criteria.

With offline logging, the app acts as though it has an internet connection, even when using offline maps or downloaded caches. Once you’re connected to the internet, you can then log your finds using the saved log.

When setting up a signature template, you can use variables such as the current date and time, terrain level, owner name, etc. to create a signature that changes for each cache you log.

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c:geo gives you the option to choose a primary and secondary navigation method, such as a compass, an external map app, Google Maps (walking/bike/transit/driving), or You can also adjust advanced settings such as hardware acceleration, low-power mode, orientation sensor, database storage location, and GPX import/export directory.

Other notable features of this app include: searching for caches by longitude and latitude, address, user, keywords, and trackable; nearby cache option; recently viewed cache list; immediate navigation to any set of coordinates from any other coordinates using the “Go to” option; cache filter to show all cache types or only specific types such as traditional caches, multi-caches, mystery caches, giga-event caches, earthcaches, etc.; finding caches near another cache; a personal note option to store cache information for your own reference; waypoint extractor; and sharing caches with others via email or any other sharing app.


  • Caches and maps can be saved for offline use, making it convenient to use in areas with limited internet connectivity.
  • The app allows you to log caches even without an internet connection.
  • A signature template streamlines the logging process, making it easier and faster.
  • You have the option to use your preferred GPS navigation app to find the cache.
  • The app is completely free to use and does not require any fees or monthly payments.


  • The app is not available for iOS devices.

Download c:geo for Android.

3. Locus Map 4 Outdoor Navigation

geocache on my Android phone

With Locus Map geocaching app, you can create, plan, edit, record, save, and share your trips, preserving memories and tracking your performance. This Android geocaching app is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, including hikers, mountain bikers, cyclists, runners, geocachers, cross-country skiers, and more.

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Geocache Hunting:

  • Download caches for offline use with the G4L add-on
  • Navigate to caches using the map or compass, and log them online or offline
  • Utilize graphic and calculation tools
  • Keep track of your logs and drafts
  • Receive alerts for upcoming geocaches

Customize the App:

  • Personalize the main menu to suit your needs
  • Choose the main screen display, including function panels, right/left-hand control, light/dark mode, etc.
  • Set the coordinate system, units, dashboards, and screens
  • Take advantage of the app’s flexibility with pre-configured presets.

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Conclusion – free geocaching apps for Android

To display detailed information on more than three caches within 24 hours, Geocaching Premium may be required for most of these apps. Without it, if you access the full details of three caches in a day, you may have to wait until the next day to view three more. Nevertheless, you can still access basic information and navigate to caches, although not all cache details will be visible.

Remember to follow geocache hiding guidelines to help you make the best decisions.

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