How to fix lag in COD Mobile 2GB RAM

How to fix lag in COD Mobile 2GB RAM

Call of Duty (COD) Mobile is a popular first-person shooter (FPS) game that has gained massive popularity on mobile platforms. However, for players using devices with only 2GB RAM, you want to know how to fix lag in COD Mobile 2GB RAM to enhance the gameplay and overall experience.

Fortunately, this guide will provide you with various tips and tricks to optimize your 2GB RAM device for COD Mobile and reduce lag.

How to fix lag in COD Mobile 2GB RAM

How to fix lag in COD Mobile 2GB RAM

Below are the best ways to fix lag in COD Mobile 2GB RAM:

1. Update COD mobile and your device

You just have to keep your game and device up to date. Most of the time, updates often include optimizations and bug fixes that can improve Call of Duty Mobile gaming experience.

So, update COD Mobile to the latest version. Next, check your phone for any updates. It could be the UI (user interface) or the OS (operating system).

2. Reduce your graphics settings

I understand that you want to enjoy HD COD gaming on your mobile phone. Unfortunately, a 2GB ram phone is not capable of running medium or high graphics.

Reduce the graphics settings to “Low” to significantly decrease lag and increase the performance of COD mobile on 2GB RAM devices. Here is what to do:

  • Open COD Mobile and go to Settings.
  • Navigate to the Graphics tab.
  • Set Graphics Quality to Low.

3. Disable unnecessary apps and features

A lot of phone users, including iPhone and Android, are fond of enabling unnecessary apps. As a gamer, especially someone who plays Call of Duty Mobile on 2GB RAM, you should know how to keep your device clean.

Close unnecessary apps and disable features to free up RAM and CPU resources for COD Mobile. Do the following:

  • Close all background apps before launching the game.
  • Disable app notifications, auto-sync, and location services.
  • Turn off Bluetooth and NFC when not in use.
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That’s it, and it should additionally help you fix lag in COD Mobile 2GB RAM.

4. Clear cache and storage

Over time, cache and storage buildup can affect the performance of your device. These cache files are files generated from processes on your phone, either those running in the background or those you ran yourself.

Clear cache and storage to improve gaming experience and fix lag in COD Mobile 2GB RAM.

  • Clear COD Mobile cache and storage data from your device’s settings.
  • Use a cleaner app to remove junk files and optimize your device’s performance.

It’s preferable to use the cache clearing app that comes with your phone. Other ones you download from the iOS app store or Google Play store are likely to create enormous cache while trying to clear cache as well.

5. Tweak the developer options

If you have an Android device, you can easily access and tweak your Developer Options to change certain settings for better COD mobile gaming performance on a 2GB RAM device.

Just follow the steps below to do this:

  • Enable Developer Options by going to Settings > About Phone and tap the Build Number seven times.
  • Go to Settings > Developer Options.
  • Scroll down to find the “Hardware Accelerated Rendering” section.
  • Enable “Force GPU rendering” and “Force 4x MSAA” options.
  • Limit background processes by selecting “Limit background processes” and choosing a low number of processes (1-2).

6. Use gaming performance boosters

Several gaming performance booster apps are available that can help optimize your device for gaming. Some Android phones such as Xiaomi and Redmi come with pre-installed game mode.

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Game boosters can help free up RAM, clear cache, and optimize CPU usage to 1fix lag in COD Mobile 2GB RAM.

When you enable Game Mode on devices with built-in apps, they work by allocating more resources to COD Mobile and reducing lag.

7. Play COD mobile on stable internet connection only

Apart from a stable internet connection, you also want to run Call of Duty mobile on a 2GB RAM device with at least 4G or LTE support. So, check your phone and enable 4G or LTE. 3G will cause lags.

If you’re on Android, and your internet connection is fluctuating a lot, I recommend you install a 4G Only Mode app. This kind of app will prevent your 2GB RAM device from changing to 3G or even 2G when the signal strength drops.

Also, before you open Call of Duty Mobile, consider the following:

  • Test your connection speed using a speed test app.
  • If necessary, move closer to your Wi-Fi router or change to a more reliable internet service provider.

8. Optimize COD in-game settings

The fist5 thing to do to fix lag in COD Mobile 2GB RAM is to reduce the framerate. Set the frame rate to “Low”. Traditionally, higher frame rates allow smoother gameplay, but they can cause lag on 2G RAM low-end devices.

Other in-game settings for Call of Duty Mobile are:

  • Depth of Field: Disable “Depth of Field” to reduce the strain on your device’s GPU.
  • Ragdoll: Turn off the “Ragdoll” setting to decrease the physics calculations and improve performance.
  • Anti-Aliasing: Disable “Anti-Aliasing” to reduce graphical processing and improve frame rates.

9. Disable automatic updates

A lot of phone users do not see the downside of automatic updates on phone. In fact, auto updates can easily use 10% of your battery within 20 minutes or so, especially while the download is in process. This will strain your data connection, leaving COD mobile with weaker connection.

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Also, automatic updates slow your 2GB RAM phone. The solution is to disable automatic app updates and system updates while playing Call of Duty to prevent any unexpected downloads or installations from using up your device’s resources.

10. Keep your phone as cool as possible

When your phone heats up while playing Call of Duty, that’s not OK. Moreover, it means your phone is running many background resources that are straining it.

You want your phone to be cool. If this is not possible by closing apps, get yourself a sizeable electric fan as a companion. So, whenever you load Call of Duty Mobile, turn on the small fan to help cool things down and fix lag in COD Mobile 2GB RAM.

One more piece of advice: NEVER play Call of Duty under direct sunlight.

11. Free up device storage

Does your device say “storage full” or “free up memory”? If yes, you shouldn’t even be playing Call of Duty mobile. Otherwise, you will lag so badly that you accuse the enemy team of hacking.

Make sure you have adequate storage space for smooth gameplay. You can free up space by deleting the following:

  • Unused apps
  • Movies
  • Songs
  • Hidden WhatsApp files

In some cases, you may just have to reset the phone and start things afresh.

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That’s it! It’s not hard to fix lag in COD Mobile 2GB RAM. Just combine all the methods here and you will be playing Call of Duty smoothly without lags. After you fix your lag, add me up, and let’s play. Search for “BloodPest”.

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