Dating apps with purple icons [Android and iOS]

dating apps with purple icons

You could be looking for dating apps with purple icons for whatever reason. Perhaps, to blend in with your other purple app icons or just out of love for purple color. In this publication, I’ve covered the most popularly used dating apps with purple icons you can use on your Android or iOS.

Dating apps with purple icons

If you need something to blend in with your purple theme, below are Dating apps with purple icons:

1. MeetMe


MeetMe has a purple dating app icon. This dating app helps you create a connection with new people in your local community. It’s fun and friendly to an extent. Also, you open an account for free to chat with people through text, video, and livestream where you can build followers.

2. Match

Match app icon

Match makes dating easy, and is one of the best dting apps with purple icons. With this app, you can meet local singles online and start a new relationship. Not the very best of dating apps with a purple app icon but it lets you meet and date singles who match you.

I’ve noticed lots of inactive profiles, so I used the search feature to sort them by activity date to find and like/message people without using the swipe feature. Also, some Match users tend to use the “block” feature to hide profiles they are not interested in. You may have to do the same if you keep seeing the same profile a few times because the pool of users is smaller.

3. Hily

Hily app icon

I got bored and decided to download the Hily dating app with purple icon heart. This dating app has a purple icon but they tend to serve like 1,000 ads per day when using the free plan.

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Hily’s free trial is really predatory and they have a “pay weekly” system. I tried the paid system and I’ve noticed some bots as well.

4. Lovely

Lovely app icon

Lovely is another one of the top dating apps with purple icons and purple heart and doesn’t cost a penny to register. Like other dating apps, it lets you match, chat, and flirt with local singles. You can even make an appointment with your match.

Lovely also has a paid plan though—to unlock the premium benefits, you need to pay. I just like how their app icon blends in with other Android and iOS apps on the phone.

5. OkCupid


This is another dating site with a light purple dating app icon. Some weeks ago, I decided to buy 3 months of Premium but I’m not very satisfied.

You can add filters and dealbreakers for a better search for potential matches. However, this used to be a baseline feature. What OkCupid did was move this feature from free to premium only.

Even at that, OkCupid still limits the number of profiles you can search through, so the unlimited likes they claim are not really a thing. You can’t also filter some stuff anymore, such as “openness to non-monogamy”.

One more thing: I have 60 likes, however, more than 50 of the likes are on the other side of the globe while the remaining few I disliked because of personal preferences.

The real kicker is that you may have a boost available while using OkCupid. If you accidentally use it and request a refund via support, they will instead refund your Premium subscription and remove your privileges. That’s fine anyway.

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However, while on a free subscription, I suddenly have 22 likes. OkCupid is telling you that you get over a year’s worth of likes the day you cancel your Premium membership. Overall, while some of the Premium features are helpful, they are not worth the money since OkCupid somehow inflates your likes.

6. Badoo


Met an ex on Badoo which also happens to have a purple icon designed with a purple heart. However, when it comes to OLD, it’s a one-shot deal with luck I suppose. Badoo is overall a dumpster fire and next to Tinder they paywall users a lot. I think the overall quality could be worse than the POF (Plenty of Fish) app.

7. Bumble Spotlight


The Bumble app icon is actually yellowish. However, it has a feature known as Spotlight which is found in profiles with the Spotlight feature.

What does the purple icon mean on Bumble? The purple icon on Bumble means that your profile is in the Spotlight. Most of the time, matches with the purple icon are featured more.

Spotlight is a premium feature that increases the visibility of your profile by more people. When you subscribe to Bumble Boost, Bumble Premium, or purchase Spotlight independently, it advances your profile to the top for more people to view. Bumble allows you to use Spotlight for 30 minutes or two Spotlights for 150 minutes.

However, if you have Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium, you’ll receive Spotlight per week and five SuperSwipes as part of the subscription.

Meanwhile, you can now fake Bumble photo verification.

8. Waplog Match


I’ve noticed that Waplog is a growing dating app. I’m including this app in my picks since it uses a purple app icon. I find it relatively easy to find local singles and video chat with strangers. But for now, the app still needs work.

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9. Tinder


Tinder does not really have a purple app icon. It’s pinkish sort of but with a touch of purple. However, it has a boost feature that uses a purple lightning bolt icon.

The purple lightning bolt on Tinder is the “Boost” feature which allows you to be one of the top profiles in your area for 30 minutes.

How do I activate Boost on Tinder? Just open Tinder and tap the purple lightning bolt icon on your main screen. To buy Boosts:

  • tap your profile icon
  • tap Settings
  • Get Boosts

However, if you subscribe to Tinder Gold™ and Tinder Platinum™, you will get one free Boost each month. You have to use the boost because it expires if not used for that month, according to Tinder.


There you have it—dating apps for local singles that use purple color app icons and purple heart. Purple is a cool color and will blend in with your other iOS or Android apps without other users of your phone knowing about your use of a dating platform.

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