How to Create Stealth eBay Account [Stealth Guide PDF]

how to create stealth eBay account

This publication is an eBay stealth guide you need to know how to create stealth eBay account. It guides through the entire process of opening a second account on eBay to avoid buying/selling restrictions or other consequences without getting banned.

What is stealth eBay account?

A stealth eBay account is an eBay account you create using fake details and identity that makes it look real. An eBay stealth account is just an everyday account you can use for legal eBay sales if you want to create a new account.

Some people ask “how do I make my eBay account anonymous?” Well, note that a stealth eBay account can also be referred to as an anonymous account but the technical term is “stealth account “.

Meanwhile, the difference between a stealth account and a regular eBay account is just the fake personal information and details that are usually used in creating the account. Sometimes, the account information may belong to some other person. That is to say that a stealth eBay account does not carry the real identity and details of its owner.

How to create stealth eBay account

how to create stealth eBay accounteBay account suspended email

If you’re like me, you’d probably wonder “Should I have 2 eBay stores?” Perhaps, you should if you think you’ve been unfairly banned initially and that eBay may repeat the mistake. Or maybe you just want to have unlinked eBay accounts after an unfair ban.

This section of this eBay stealth guide PDF explains the steps to create stealth eBay account:

1. Create a new company

You need to form a new company to create a stealth eBay account in any country. The next thing is to use the details of that company to register your eBay account. You’ll also need it for your eBay managed payment or if you prefer Paypal business accounts.

Fortunately, forming a website can be simple. You can use a website to form an LTD, whether in the UK, the US, or any country at all. There are lots of websites offering this service.

You’ll also have to consider tax purposes when picking a country. Some people even use Sri Lanka eBay account to create stealth eBay account.

2. Open a new remote desktop cloud server

Next, you need a new remote desktop server to make eBay think you’re logging in from a different computer and internet IP address. You can even log into your computer as a new user as this works as well.

Just pick a preferable website online that offers remote desktop servers and create an account with them. Note that if you’re creating a new business for an eBay stealth account, you can use the same computer (but sign in as a different user) and eBay won’t detect it’s you. But to be on the safe side, consider a remote desktop server for additional protection, and to easily manage your stealth accounts.

3. Get a new phone number and email address

You need a new phone number or just get a fresh SIM card. If you use an online phone number, you’ll have to subscribe monthly or yearly. You can download an app like DingTone or TextMe for your iPhone or Android and pay a few bucks to keep the phone number registered to you.

You also need a new email address and I recommend using Gmail to create stealth eBay account. Don’t use the DingTone or TextMe app to create your email address. Gmail allows you to sign up without phone number, so I recommend you sign up without phone number. Nevertheless, you can still use your primary phone number to open an account if you want.

Thereafter, you can add your primary email address as the recovery email of that new Gmail.

4. Open an eBay account

Now, create an eBay account using your newly formed company, new remote desktop server, phone number, and email.

Just log into your remote desktop server and create a new eBay account with the new information.

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5. Open a business bank account

You’ll make sure the name on your bank account is the same as the account name so that you can verify the account. 

You’ll need to visit a real bank and open a new account with different information from your initial bank account that got banned. Sometimes, using an online banking company called TransferWise can work. You just have to open a new business bank account using your new business information.

6. Start as a buyer

First, buy a couple of cheap items. You just have to be a buyer in the meantime using your business account. You can buy up to 3-5 items before you start selling to increase your trust score on eBay.


Currently, you don’t even need an eBay account warm up to start selling on your stealth account.

7. Start selling

Now, you can start dropshipping items manually. Since your account is new, eBay can attempt to run checks.

eBay can ask for SSN. And even when you provide EIN, you may still need the last 4 digits of SSN to open an eBay account.

Make sure to use a different main image and try writing your product description differently from the other banned account.

The general idea here is to add your dropshipping listings to your store slowly to build the account naturally.

The method above works for stealth eBay business account. Now, let’s see the steps for creating a personal stealth eBay account.

Steps to open new personal account on eBay

If you don’t want to form a new company for a stealth eBay account, do the following:

1. Create a new name and address

You can simply contact someone in your family or a close friend to give you their details to create a new stealth eBay account. Just explain to them that you need their details to make an eBay account for your product sales.

You’ll also need their ID and proof of address when eBay requests identity verification.

2. Create remote desktop server

Your next step is to open a new remote desktop cloud server so that you’ll be logging in from a different computer and IP address to keep eBay in the dark about your second stealth eBay account. Make sure to pick a remote desktop server provider that supports the country you want to open your eBay account.

3. Get new phone number and email address

If you’re using your family member’s information to create stealth eBay account, you can use their phone number to register or get a new phone number yourself.

If you don’t want to get a new SIM card, you can use a phone number app like DingTone or TextMe. You don’t need a free phone number since that won’t work, so you need a premium phone number, which you’ll be paying to use monthly.

For your email address, you can use Gmail. You’ll need this email for opening your multiple eBay accounts. Also, you can use any phone number to open Gmail since eBay can’t check that. I even prefer opening my Gmail account without phone number, then I’ll add my primary email as the recovery email address for that account.

4. Sign up on eBay and add your bank

Now, use your new remote desktop server, new phone number, email address, and the person’s information to create your new stealth eBay account.

Also, you’ll need an eBay stealth account SSN (Social Security number) for MP on USA accounts. So, if you’re opening a US eBay account, you can use your friend’s SSN to bypass SSN verification.

The next step is to verify your bank account to help eBay stealth account managed payments.

Note that the account type on eBay must match your checking account type. For instance, if you’re opening a business eBay account, then the person’s bank you are using must be a business checking account when registering the seller business eBay account. If the person doesn’t have a business account, you can have them open one. eBay will also need that checking account name to verify your bank account.

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5. Start selling

You don’t even have to warm up your account if you use this method to create stealth eBay account. This method is even earlier than the earlier method since you’re basically using a friend’s information to sign up as if you’re managing the eBay account for them.

Understand that if you’re not using a friend or family member’s information, the name and ID you use to set up a new stealth account can be pretty challenging since the account names won’t match. The downside is that in the US, the person’s information you use to create an eBay stealth account may get the tax statement.

That said, if you have no other options, and need to create a new account for your eBay businesses, consider using a friend’s or family’s information to create multiple eBay accounts.

What is the purpose of a stealth account?

Duplicate listing

One of the benefits of a stealth eBay account is that the successful listings that had been posted originally on your main eBay account can be duplicated on this account.

For instance, you can duplicate one of your listings that are working for you in one of your stores by making use of another stealth account to increase your income on the two accounts. It allows you to have multiple listings on page 1 of eBay.

As such, you can be listed in the first few places on the search results on eBay and even in some Google searches, all with the same product but different stores.

An alternative to account suspension

It also means that when you are working with eBay stealth accounts and one of your accounts gets suspended, you can still work on other accounts to make sales. Perhaps, it’s correct to say that stealth is wealth.

Increased sales

Another benefit is that by making use of a stealth account, your selling limits can increase since your overall limits are raised naturally if you are listing across different accounts. The only issue now is how you’d find more products to list on your eBay stores.

No need for linked accounts on eBay

Accounts on eBay linking together are those belonging to the same person under the same name known as linked accounts. Unfortunately, if one of your linked accounts is suspended, the other accounts are also affected. Of course, I’ve come across several eBay linked accounts suspended complaints and I understand how hurtful it can be whenever you receive that heartbreaking message from eBay.

The downside of this account linking is that you will be unable to sell till your account is restored by eBay. Also, you may be inactive for a while as a result of the long procedures taken after your eBay appeal.

That said, using stealth accounts could be better than using connected accounts. A stealth eBay account gives you another account to fall back on if one of your accounts gets suspended. It also protects your account and keeps it safe, compared to keeping connected accounts on eBay.

However, the objective is to see to it that your real account is always healthy and a lot of focus should be put on developing it. eBay stealth accounts are usually used as a scaling strategy and an insurance policy if your real account is taken down. This means that you should not rely on stealth eBay accounts heavily.

With regards to sales, when eBay stealth accounts are created, the efficiency of the costs and expenses of your entire business is improved because of the high money yields.

But you also need to understand something. Consider a question like “can you have two accounts on eBay?” According to eBay FAQs, a user may have multiple accounts. eBay understands that for many reasons, you would prefer to have more than one account. This means you can open a second eBay account legally. However, eBay does not allow you to register multiple accounts or use your existing accounts to avoid buying and selling restrictions or limits, or other policy consequences. Now, this is where stealth accounts come in handy.

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You should also find about creating a stealth PayPal account that works.

Risks of stealth eBay account

stealth ebay account reddit
eBay account suspended…

You have to understand that it can be risky to open a stealth account since you’re using:

  • fake information
  • fake ID
  • or sometimes you have a purchased aged eBay stealth account

That brings us to the question “are eBay Stealth accounts legal?” Let’s be honest: eBay stealth accounts are not legal because the accounts use fake details. If you want to be ethical, your best option is to use the details of a family member or someone you know to open a new account after their permission. Even if you check the eBay discussion forum, you’d see that people use their relative’s information to open eBay.

How does eBay detect multiple accounts?

Are you scared that eBay will detect your stealth account? Well, see this publication as a guide on how to open a second eBay account naturally. eBay uses different methods to find out if a user has a stealth account.

But with this guide, it’ll be difficult for eBay to detect your stealth accounts which usually leads to suspending your account. One mistake you need to be aware of right now is that you can’t have 2 eBay accounts with the same email or use the same IP address to access your stealth account as eBay could be tracking you.

eBay uses programs and algorithms to ensure sellers and even buyers adhere to their policy. When you understand the algorithm system on eBay, you should be able to get around being banned on eBay.

To prevent eBay from detecting your stealth account, you need to understand how remote desktop works. Generally, you don’t use static IP addresses since they are fixed IPs. You need dynamic IPs to make it look like you are having access to your stealth eBay through different IPs.

Secondly, you want to create your eBay stealth accounts on different days to avoid detection or you can just wait a couple of hours before creating a new account if you want to create multiple stealth accounts.

Buy aged eBay account

Your final resort is to Buy stealth eBay account. There’s no guarantee that you’re getting away with opening a stealth eBay account, especially when you’re not running the account in the name of your friend or family member.

I’m not sure why eBay keeps banning but my best guess is that eBay is trying to reduce the number of sellers and then attract more buyers for profit.

And if you keep getting suspended after opening a stealth account, then your best option is to look for an eBay account for sale and buy it. But is it legal to buy an eBay account? Obviously, no. If eBay figures out you bought an account, they will suspend or restrict you from selling.

But you’re not going to message eBay saying “damn you, I just bought a verified account!” So, if you’re feeling frustrated, buying an eBay account could be your go-to solution. You just have to operate the account naturally and follow eBay rules.

That said, where is the best place to buy eBay stealth account? eBay stealth account is available for sale on sites like eBay, Fiverr, etc. Sub Reddit, Aspkin, and BlackHatWorld even has users who sale verified eBay stealth accounts.

When you successfully open your multiple eBay account, perhaps, you’d be interested in avoiding the sales tax on eBay legally.

Stealth is wealth.

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