ChatGPT stops mid sentence [how to fix]

ChatGPT stops writing

ChatGPT is an advanced AI language model made by OpenAI based on the GPT-4 architecture. Even though ChatGPT AI has been trained to give complete answers, you may still find that ChatGPT stops mid sentence or seem to give replies that aren’t full. Some people have reported that ChatGPT stops writing at 350 words while others, like myself, have noticed that ChatGPT stops at 600 words.

ChatGPT stops mid sentence

This problem can be easily fixed without reducing the number of words you want the AI to generate. Below is how to fix ChatGPT stops mid sentence:

Simply type “Continue” without quotes whenever ChatGPT stops writing.

ChatGPT will resume the sentence from where it stopped until the end. If ChatGPT stops writing again, write “Continue” and it’ll resume.

a. ChatGPT stops writing:

ChatGPT stops writing

b. I type in Continue

ChatGPT pauses

c. ChatGPT resumes from the last sentence.

Make ChatGPT resume writing

Why does ChatGPT stop writing?

Below are common reasons why ChatGPT stops writing:

1. ChatGPT limitation

The length of the desired response could be the reason ChatGPT stops writing along the way.

ChatGPT is merely an AI, so it sometimes generates a specific number of tokens (words or word pieces) in one response and may stop generating text when the token limit is reached.

To fix this, I recommend you specify the desired length or word count of the answer or simply request the AI to continue its explanation. For example, you can tell ChatGPT to “Write more than 800 words: how to start a new blog”. It’s likely that ChatGPT will stop halfway, so you give it the “Continue” command to resume.

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2. Technical glitch

ChatGPT is still at a developmental stage, so it’s not yet as perfect. Moreover, with so many users coming in daily, the AI is likely to crash mid sentence while writing. Just enter the “Continue” command to get ChatGPT to resume writing from the last paragraph, sentence, or phrase.

3. You exceeded the message cap

At this point, ChatGPT puts limitations on its usage. If you’re a free user, you will have a message cap as ChatGPT is being adjusted to meet demand.

Even as a paid user, ChatGPT-4 has a message cap that keeps changing often depending on the demand. So, it’s likely that ChatGPT stops mid sentence due to you just exceeding the message cap.

4. Poor network connection

If there is an abrupt network crash or generally poor network on your end, ChatGPT will stop writing. It’ll report network issues and will often try writing the text from scratch.

5. You exited your browser

Some desktops or even mobile phones may not have the capacity to run ChatGPT in the background without the web browser tab crashing. Sometimes, this could be due to your device specs. And other times, it’s due to your battery saver settings. So, the browser process is unable to run in the background once you exceed the browser. This problem is common with those who use ChatGPT on mobile.

Ultimately, whatever your situation, the general solution when ChatGPT stops mid sentence is to type in the “Continue” command.

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