Best offline navigation app for Android auto

Best offline navigation app for Android auto

There are numerous reliable navigation apps available for use with a data connection. However, this article shows you the best offline navigation app for Android auto location services while offline.

Having an offline GPS feature is an essential aspect of any maps application. This function becomes handy when you are traveling in a foreign city with data roaming turned off, or when you enter areas with weak network reception during a road trip.

Best offline navigation app for Android auto

Best offline navigation app for Android auto

So, we’ve tested several different offline maps to help your driving experience. Below is the best offline navigation app for Android auto:

1. Google Maps

If you’re using Google Maps, you can prepare for offline use by downloading and saving regional maps before leaving home.

To download a map, open the app and tap on your profile icon located in the top-right corner of the screen. Then, select “Offline Maps” from the dropdown menu. Google will suggest some maps for you to download based on your home and frequently visited locations. Alternatively, you can tap “Select Your Own Map” to choose another area.

The maximum size of a downloadable map is 2GB, which covers an area roughly equivalent to 200 x 120 miles. In addition, the app will automatically delete any downloaded maps after 30 days without an internet connection.

2. Sygic

In the Google Play Store, the Sygic app is the most popular, best offline navigation app for Android auto, boasting a high number of installs. The company has partnered with TomTom to provide offline maps for every country globally.

Sygic has a history of introducing innovative features, including a live-view function that overlays navigation instructions onto the camera input from your phone.

Other notable features include free map updates, voice-guided GPS navigation, and pedestrian GPS navigation for when you’re on foot.

The app can even help you save money. If you’re connected to the internet, Sygic can alert you about the cheapest parking lots and gas stations nearby, as well as give you information about upcoming speed cameras.

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There are both free and paid versions of Sygic. When you download the app, you can try the paid version for seven days at no charge.

3. Here WeGo

If you’re traveling and want to save your mobile data while staying on track without an internet connection, Here WeGo allows you to download a map of the region, country, or continent you’ll be visiting. This way, you can complete your journey while staying entirely offline.

HERE WeGo is a navigation app that specializes in offline GPS navigation, offering offline maps for over 100 countries.

This app provides directions, public transportation ticket prices, car-sharing prices, and train and bus timetables.

When you input your route, the app compares car, bike, pedestrian, taxi, and public transportation routes to determine the quickest and most cost-effective way for you to reach your destination.

HERE WeGo provides public transportation information for over 1,300 cities worldwide, including most North American and European cities. Additionally, if you have some shortcut routes that you frequently take, you can add them to the app.

4. MapFactor Navigator

MapFactor Navigator is the best offline navigation app for Android auto that provides free offline maps from OpenStreetMaps, with free monthly map updates included.

Drive in over 200 countries without an internet connection using this app. It also features intuitive voice turn-by-turn navigation, speed limits, camera warnings, and other useful functions.

On the screen, you can see an overview of the upcoming maneuver and the distance remaining. The app also offers free offline maps with postcodes, including full GB postcodes, which are installed on your device or SD card.

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5. OsmAnd

OsmAnd is an offline world map app that is based on OpenStreetMap (OSM), enabling you to navigate while considering your preferred roads and vehicle dimensions.

It lets you plan routes based on inclines and record GPX tracks without an internet connection. OsmAnd is an open-source app, and user data is not collected, so you can decide what data the app can access.

The app has various features, such as the choice of places to be displayed on the map, including attractions, food, health, and more. You can search for places by address, name, coordinates, or category. You also get to enjoy multiple map styles, including touring views, nautical map, winter and ski, topography, desert, off-road, and others.

The app has an online mode for times when you have a reliable data connection. Its GPS functionality includes voice guidance, lane guidance, live estimated times of arrival, day/night screen mode, on-the-fly driving routes in case you take a wrong turn, and specialist cycling routes.

6. CoPilot GPS Navigation

CoPilot GPS is primarily designed for in-car navigation, so it may not be suitable for pedestrians.

The app’s strength lies in its route planning capabilities, providing three separate options for every journey. You can also add up to 52 individual waypoints for each of the three routes.

CoPilot has thousands of offline locations, including hotels, restaurants, ATMs, and places of interest. You can use the search feature to find them even when in offline mode.

This best offline navigation app for Android auto offers a free 14-day trial of its premium features, including 3D maps and an audio navigation assistant. After the trial, the app limits you to 2D offline maps and visual turn-by-turn directions.

7. Genius Maps

Genius Maps app is free to download and lets you download offline maps and provides information about local places of interest. It’s primarily an offline route planning, exploration, and navigation tool that does not require a mobile internet connection to search and navigate.

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All maps are stored on your device, eliminating roaming costs and extending battery life, making it the best offline navigation app for Android auto.

The app features voice guidance, automatic re-routing, speed limit alerts, and live traffic reports.

You can test the Pro version for free during a seven-day trial. If you decide to purchase it, you can keep the app forever with no annoying subscriptions. Genius Maps has offline maps available for most of the world, covering more than 130 countries, so you shouldn’t encounter any difficulty navigating the globe in your car.

8. Offline maps GPS Nav

This app offers fast, detailed, and completely offline maps with turn-by-turn navigation, trusted by more than 140 million travelers worldwide.

It helps to save mobile data as no internet connection is required for offline maps when using Maps.Me. When using your Android for driving, make sure to set the map to mode to driving to enhance your navigation anywhere in the world. app has partnered with the best travel content creators to create a travel guide catalog for hundreds of destinations worldwide. Whether you prefer city travel, car trips, or outdoor activities, you will find a range of guides for a perfect journey.

Final thoughts

While an offline navigation app for Android auto is great for navigating without data, remember that continuously running GPS apps in the background can quickly drain your battery. While driving, it’s recommended to invest in a high-quality car charger, an essential smartphone accessory to keep in your car. Despite the battery drain, these free GPS apps are crucial for navigating during your travels.

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