Best Android launcher that looks like iOS

Best Android launcher that looks like iOS

Want to give your Android phone an iPhone feel? No need to switch to an iPhone, you just need to download an Android launcher that looks like iOS from the Google Play Store. With a quick download and setup, your Android phone can have the Apple look and feel in just a few minutes.

Some individuals may desire the iPhone interface just for the experience, while others may want to merge the favorable aspects of both operating systems – the customization options of an Android phone with the clean and uncomplicated look of iOS. Whatever your case, we’ve got you covered.

Android launcher that looks like iOS

Best Android launcher that looks like iOS

Below is the best Android launcher that looks like iOS:

1. Launcher iOS 16

Are you an iPhone fan? The new Launcher iOS 16 by Launcher Studio raises the bar for the Android mobile operating system, enhancing the look and feel of your phone to new heights. It opens up exciting opportunities for customizing your phone with a launcher. With Launcher iOS 16, you get the feel of an Android launcher that looks like iOS.

Highlights of the main features:

Compatible with iPhone 14 & iOS 16, the App Library offers a new way to organize your Android apps, similar to real iOS devices.

You also enjoy the convenience of switching between dark and light modes with Launcher iOS 16.

It comes with stylish folders for you to experience the elegance of iOS-style folders, where you can simply drag and drop apps to create a folder.

The icons are customizable, so get to personalize your apps by changing the icon and name. Choose an image to use as the app icon.

2. Launcher xPhone

This Android launcher just makes you stand out from the Android crowd with a unique style on your phone. Easily switch to the OS style with Launcher xPhone app.

Key features:

  • All-in-One: Home Screen, Notification Center, Control Center, Lock Screen, and Assistive Touch in one convenient package.
  • Smart Search: Quickly search for what you need by simply swiping down anywhere on the screen.
  • Smart Grouping: Group your apps and create unlimited groups, with an unlimited number of apps in each group.
  • Icon Customization: Personalize your apps by changing the icons to your liking.
  • Custom Status Bar: Give your status bar a new look with the custom status bar feature.
  • Gesture Control: Set up multiple gestures, such as swipe up, swipe down, and home button actions like on typical Android Mi devices.
  • Personalization Options: Customize your desktop grid, enable infinite scrolling, show or hide the search bar, customize folder previews, and more! • Quick Notifications: Access your notifications with a simple swipe down on the screen.
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This Android launcher that looks like iOS requires Accessibility Services to perform functions such as opening recently-used apps, using the X Home Bar’s Back function, and using the Assistive Touch.

3. Control Center iOS 15

Control Center iOS 15 offers quick access to the Camera, Clock, Screen Recording, Screenshot, and more settings like on iOS X and iOS XS, just as on iPhones.

To open Control Center iOS 15, swipe up, down, right, or left from the edge of the screen. To close, swipe in any direction or tap the top of the screen, or press the Back, Home, or Recent buttons. To change how you access Control Center, go to the Control Center app.

Control Center allows quick control over multiple settings and apps, such as:

  • Airplane Mode: Quickly turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular connections.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: Connect to the internet or other devices.
  • Do Not Disturb: Mute calls, alerts, and notifications while your device is locked.
  • Portrait Orientation Lock: Keep your screen from rotating.
  • Brightness Adjustment: Change the brightness from any screen.
  • Flashlight: Use the LED flash as a light source.
  • Alarms and Timer: Set alarms, and timers, or check the time in other countries.
  • Calculator: Use it just like a standard calculator.
  • Camera: Quick access to your camera.
  • Audio Control: Play, pause, and control the volume of your audio.
  • Screen Recording: Record actions on your phone (for Android 5.0 and above).
  • Screenshot: Capture your screen (for Android 5.0 and above).

Customize the look of the Control Center with the app, such as size, color, position, vibration, and more, similar to iOS XS.

4. X Launcher

X Launcher is sleek, smooth, and lightweight. This Android launcher that looks like iOS features the latest OS 13 design and transforms the look and feel of your phone, offering an unparalleled experience that’s simple, elegant, and modern.

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With X Launcher, you can customize your Android phone to mimic the look of OS 13.

The Control Center allows you access to settings like WiFi, Network, Brightness, Volume, and Take Photo by swiping down to enter Control Center.

It also comes with App Manager which when you swipe up lets you access the App Manager and quickly find and place local apps on your desktop.

It comes with Theme Store for you to choose from thousands of themes in the theme store, which adapt to your selected theme for a smooth, OS 13-like interface.

And most importantly, you can personalize your apps by changing the icon and name, using a local image as the app icon. You can also adjust the number of rows and columns in the launcher.

Just as on iPhones, this launcher allows your Android to create rounded corner folders easily by dragging and dropping apps. You can also use the “hide apps” feature to hide any apps you don’t want displayed in the launcher.

5. Phone 14 Launcher

Love your phone but want a new look like iPhone? Let Phone 14 Launcher transform it into an iOS in one click.


  • Smart Search: Swipe down for smart search on the home screen.
  • Beautiful Wallpapers: Decorate your screen with stunning wallpapers.
  • Lock Screen: Secure your phone with Passcode or Pattern Lock.
  • Convenient Search: Quickly search by swiping down anywhere on the home screen.
  • Smart Toggles: Easily switch to Silent mode, Airplane Mode, or Bluetooth. Customize the Control Center with size, color, position, and vibration.

This Android launcher that looks like iOS is fast and efficient. It even comes with over 30+ wallpapers.

6. Launcher iOS16 – iLauncher

Comes with iControl, iLock, Widget iOS 15, Dynamic Spot iOS 16, iLauncher – All in One

Launcher iOS16 by BlueSkySoft is the Android launcher you need to give your Android phone the look of an iOS 16 iPhone 14. Experience the iOS launcher on your Android phone with just one click.

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Main features:

  • Easy to use.
  • Fast and lag-free.
  • Transform Android launcher to iOS launcher.
  • Hide apps in the launcher.
  • Customizable, so you can easily change app icons, names, desktop grid, and more.
  • The quick bar lets you access frequently used apps quickly through Siri suggestions or a customizable search bar.
  • Create and customize your own widgets with iOS 16 style, including weather, calendar, battery, clock, and more.
  • Control Center iOS 15 with quick access to settings, camera, and more with the new MIUI control center.
  • Lock Screen with Notifications iOS 15.
  • Enjoy the OS16 Dynamic Spot on your Android phone.

7. iLauncher for OS

iLauncher for OS13 is a small, powerful, and smooth launcher based on Launcher3. It features OS 13 flat design to create a sleek and modern interface.

Customize your Android phone to look like OS 13 with iLauncher. Access various themes, wallpapers, and icon packs to enhance your experience. With a fast control center, powerful app manager, and customizable options, you can personalize your phone to your liking.


  • Fast control center: Swipe down to access WiFi, network, brightness, volume, and more. Choose between OS style or classic style control center.
  • Themes: Choose from thousands of themes to bring a smooth OS 13-like interface.
  • Wallpapers and Icon Sets: Get the latest wallpapers and icon packs designed for Phone X.
  • Powerful App Manager: Swipe up to access local apps and drop them onto the desktop.
  • Apple Style Folder: Create folders by dropping apps onto each other.
  • Hide Apps: Hide important apps from the home screen.
  • Customizable: Change the number of rows and columns, app labels, and icons.
  • 3D Touch: Easily modify titles, add widgets, and access app details with the 3D Touch menu.

Enjoy a near iPhone-like experience with iLauncher for OS13 Android launcher that looks like iOS.

So, there you have it. After using any of the iOS-like launchers above, your Android should now look like:

iphone launcher for Android

Final thoughts – Android launcher that looks like iOS

Get the best iOS launcher for your Android smartphone and enjoy a near iPhone-like experience. Keep in mind that these launchers only provide a new interface, not improved performance.

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