9 Free hypnosis apps Android and Hypnotic Spiral

Free hypnosis apps Android

Being in a state of calm and serenity can facilitate breaking a harmful habit, decrease stress levels, enhance your sleep, and aid you in accomplishing a set objective. Hypnosis shares similarities with meditation, making it a familiar and accessible practice. That said, you need free hypnosis apps Android to help you find peace without paying.

Free hypnosis apps Android

Free hypnosis apps Android

Below are the best free hypnosis apps Android:

1. Harmony Hypnosis

Harmony Hypnosis app, created by professional hypnotherapist Darren Marks, is a self-help app that can enhance your self-confidence, bolster your self-belief, increase inner peace, and aid you in overcoming any other challenges you face.

Unfortunately, like the HypnoBox app, Harmony Hypnosis is one of the free hypnosis apps Android that offers a limited number of free sessions. To gain full access to all the hypnosis sessions and new content, you’ll need to subscribe monthly.

The app also includes an accompanying workbook, which provides further insight into using Harmony to its fullest potential. The workbook includes an exercise that prompts you to reflect on your emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and aspirations.

2. Relax & Sleep Well Hypnosis

Glenn Harrold is a seasoned professional hypnotherapist and meditation instructor with a quarter-century of experience. His innovative hypnosis and meditation recordings are expertly produced in a professional studio setting in the Relax & Sleep Well Hypnosis app.

Numerous users of this app have reported profound and transformative experiences.

The app offers hassle-free access to 6 complimentary hypnotherapy and meditation recordings, with a vast selection of over 140 additional options available for in-app purchase. No sign-up is necessary and the app is free of advertisements.

The 6 free tracks include Relax & Sleep Well, a comprehensive 30-minute hypnotherapy session that guides you through a relaxing journey into a state of deep self-hypnosis. The soothing soundscapes and Glenn’s calming voice will help you experience a profound sense of peace and reduce stress and anxiety. This track can also assist with overcoming insomnia and promoting healthy sleep patterns.

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The next free track is a 30-minute lite version of the powerful 639 Hz Solfeggio Sonic Meditation, which is based on the traditional Solfeggio musical scale. This powerful healing meditation provides a glimpse into the full range of Solfeggio Meditations and can aid in healing old wounds and raising your consciousness.

The other free tracks include “Mindfulness Meditation for Releasing Anxiety,” “A Morning Meditation,” and “Meditation 4 Inner Wisdom,” offering a diverse selection of free meditations, and making this app one of the top free hypnosis apps Android.

The app also includes free eBooks, including Glenn’s comprehensive guide to self-hypnosis, which teaches you how to harness the power of self-hypnosis to benefit various aspects of your life.

3. HypnoBox

The HypnoBox app is a rich source of information and resources on hypnosis. The free version is well-suited for those new to the practice. You can easily create personalized sessions by selecting the focus area and accompanying background sounds.

However, your free box on HypnoBox only includes four free hypnosis sessions. To access additional boxes covering topics such as weight loss, wellness, sports, childbirth, lucid dreaming, and much more, you will need to upgrade to HypnoBox Pro.

Upgrading is highly recommended as it grants you access to 600 additional hypnosis items in your library.

4. Nerva – IBS & Gut Hypnotherapy

Nerva is a hypnotherapy app that is designed to help you manage your digestive health. While a low FODMAP diet can be beneficial, many people are unaware that IBS symptoms can be linked to the gut-brain connection. The Nerva app aims to resolve this confusion by offering a six-week core program.

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Each week focuses on a different aspect of gut health and includes seven days of hypnotherapy sessions, educational materials, and deep breathing exercises. To participate in the program, you’ll need to sign up, but only the first seven days are available for free.

5. HelloMind: Hypnotherapy

Are you seeking a hypnotherapy app that can address a wide range of problems, including love, weight, sleep, stress, and anxiety? HelloMind app is one of the best free hypnosis apps Android on the Google Play store that offers a simple solution to any concern that may be weighing on you.

The HelloMind app is user-friendly and easy to use, making it a great option for those who prefer a straightforward experience. After signing up, simply select the issue you need help with, and the app will suggest a treatment.

For optimal results from the hypnosis sessions, it is recommended to listen with headphones, put your phone in airplane mode, and find a comfortable position. A monthly or yearly subscription is available to access all treatments and boosters.

6. Hypnosis Relax & Meditation

You can unwind and release stress with the Hypnosis – Relaxation App. It is the ideal meditation music app for you, and part of the free hypnosis apps Android offers on the app store. Designed to help you reach a state of deep relaxation through self-hypnosis, all you need to do is take a deep breath, let go of your worries, and meditate with the best meditation sounds, binaural music, angelic music, and yoga music.

A standout feature of this remarkable app is the mindfulness bell that rings periodically throughout the day, giving you a chance to pause and reflect on your current activities and state of mind.

Top features:

  • Enjoy calming rain sounds and water sounds.
  • Soothing forest and nature sounds
  • Relax and sleep with city and household sounds.
  • Meditate with relaxing and meditation sounds.
  • Set a timer for each sound, and hypnotize yourself and others with mesmerizing hypnotic images.
  • Create your own list of favorite sounds.
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7. HypnoCloud: Hypnosis

HypnoCloud is a powerful hypnosis app featuring hypnosis sessions that can help you relax, feel calm, sleep better, and create the life of your dreams.

HypnoCloud is free, but you can pay for a subscription that unlocks unlimited access to tons of sessions on wealth, health, lifestyle, and more.

However, the free version of the app still provides a couple of great free hypnosis sessions to download and listen to whenever you want. What makes HypnoCloud different from the other apps is that you can track your achievements, earn badges, and level up as you progress.

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Android hypnosis app spiral

If you’re just looking for a hypnotic spiral app for Android, below are the apps you want to install on your Android device:

1. Hypnotic Spiral

I recommend this app if you need to hypnotize not just yourself but also your friends with a hypnotic spiral.

The Hypnotic Spiral app lets you control the spiral speed by dragging your finger on the screen and switching up the colors using the menu.

2. Hypno Spiral

Induce a relaxing hypnotic trance with this free self-hypnosis app. The Hypno Spiral is ideal for self-hypnosis or daydreaming.

It’s fully customizable, allowing you to save and easily access your preferred patterns. CIt is also compatible with or without a 3D Virtual Reality Headset.

If your Android device does not have a gyroscope, you won’t be able to enjoy the VR mode’s head-tracking feature.

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